10 Songs About Hating Someone

Though the opposite of love is supposedly indifference, the opposite of a love song is surely a song about hating someone as evidenced by these 10 songs about hating someone. For all the sappy love songs that have been written, there is probably an equal number of–often funnier–"hate songs," many of them inspired by love gone wrong. Warning: Some involve obscenities, particularly the one starting with an F.

  1. "F*ck You," Cee Lo Green. The radio version of this song is called "Forget You," but the original has far more impact. It describes the thin line between love and hate; the lyrics go from "I really hate your a** right now" to the beseechingly whined "I still love you."
  2. "F*ck You," Lily Allen. Allen told concertgoers in 2009 that this song about hating someone was inspired by George W. Bush, with lyrics such as "So you say it's not okay to be gay/ Well, I think you're just evil." Adding to its appeal is the sweet, high-pitched voice trilling, "F*ck you very very much" over music that wouldn't be out of place on a Monkees album.
  3. "Caught Out There," Kelis. Before her milkshake was bringing boys to the yard, Kelis was seriously angry at a man she caught in bed with another woman. The chorus lays it out simply: "I hate you so much right now." One highlight of the song is the sound effect of a shotgun being racked when she announces she's "got something for y'all."
  4. "Unhappy Birthday," The Smiths. While Morrissey and company don't actually sing about hating someone, "You're evil and you lie/ and if you should die/ I may feel slightly sad but I won't cry" gets the message across pretty well.
  5. "Before He Cheats," Carrie Underwood. This crossover country-pop hit shows, not tells, of the hatred inside a woman scorned. "I took a Louisville Slugger to both headlights/sliced a hole in all four tires," among other acts of vandalism on her ex's SUV. Her goal? To give him pause before he cheats on the next woman.
  6. "Used to Love Her," Guns n' Roses. The object of hate in this song met with an unfortunate end. "She bitched so much/ She drove me nuts," so the protagonist killed her. It was hard to part with her, though … "She's buried right in my back yard."
  7. "I F*cking Hate You," Godsmack. This metal band doesn't mince words in its title or lyrics. "The only thought I get of you sickens me/ …you're everything I f*cking hate." In fact, "I love to hate you," just in case you weren't sure this a song about hating someone.
  8. "You Oughta Know," Alanis Morissette. A classic angry-woman anthem, this breakout hit for Morissette starts out with good intentions: "I want you to know/ I'm happy for you/ I wish nothing but/ The best for you both." But then the truth comes out, with Morissette insinuating that the new woman could never compare to her and berating the object of the song for leaving her such a mess. It was slightly disconcerting when it came out that the song was written about Dave Coulier, the comedian who played goofy Uncle Joey on "Full House." (Apparently, the two talked it over and parted amicably afterward.)
  9. "F.O.D.," Green Day. The important thing to know about this song is that the acronym in the title stands for "F*ck Off and Die." Doesn't get much more explicit than that. For some rhyming fun, see the lyric "I think you suck."
  10. "Everything About You," Ugly Kid Joe. This is a song about hating someone…and someone else, and actually just about everything. The sun, the rain, the city, the country, the beach, the mountains. The entire immediate family of the person it's directed to. And, in case you didn't already think Ugly Kid Joe might need some therapy, he hates sex, too.
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