10 Songs About Hating Work

These 10 songs about hating work leave no question about whether getting up in the morning is pleasant. Discussing the pain of needing to slave away at a miserable job which makes you feel like your soul is dying, these songs are entertaining and hit quite close to home for many listeners. So crank up the volume on that dreaded Monday morning and let these songs tell you that you’re not alone in your misery.

  1. Manic Monday.” Cute and lighthearted, this 80s pop tune expresses the wish that many of us have for the weekend to not be over. “Manic Monday” is a great song about hating work.
  2. Take this Job and Shove It.” What displays a hatred of working more than quitting a job? In this Johnny Paycheck song, listeners are entertained with the story of a man quitting and the reasons for his doing so.
  3. 9 to 5.” This Dolly Parton song perfectly displays the frustration over working all day and feeling like nothing’s been done. While a somewhat silly song about hating work, it is nevertheless true.
  4. Is That All There Is?” This classic song talks about the moment when a person realizes that all there is to life sometimes is work. For expressing the dismay work causes by consuming our lives, “Is That All There Is?” is definitely a song about hating work.
  5. Slave to the Wage.” The pounding beat of this song is enough to make many a person quit their job. Its fast pace will raise a listener’s heartbeat and bring their hatred of working to the forefront of their mind.
  6. The Happy Prole.” At some point, every working individual feels like their job is sucking out their soul. “The Happy Prole” discusses that emotion, reminding listeners just why they hate work.
  7. “Bang the Drum All Day.” It’s fairly certain that playing music all day is preferable to going to work. “Bank the Drum All Day” talks about the desire to leave work and do whatever we want rather than stay stuck in the rat race.
  8. Welcome to the Work Week.” This Elvis Costello song talks about the hatred for but necessity of working, discussing how that hatred can make you feel disconnected from your loved ones. This song discussing hating work shows how the emotion can affect every other aspect of life.
  9. God Damn Job.” The repetitive, short and punchy lyrics of this Replacements song express the need for a job, but not just any job: a good job. For showing how working isn’t as simple as having any old job, “God Damn Job” is a great song about hating working.
  10. Working Class Hero.” Sung by John Lennon, this song reinforces the fact that working all day for nothing is considered to be noble. Emotional and powerful, this song discusses hating work because it’s all that we are born to do.
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