10 Songs About Leaving Or Moving On

Broken hearts are tricky things to mend, but the right music can certainly help quicken the process. Here’s a list of songs about leaving and moving on to get you started.

  1. "Leave" -The Swell Season A good starting point for your breakup playlist, “Leave” is all about killing the constraints of that lingering relationship. You know, the one that just won’t seem to die, even though it’s been over for quite some time. Consider it inspiration for finally leaving and moving on, for real this time.   
  2. "Sideways" -Citizen Cope When you just can’t seem to get on with it, Citizen Cope (a.k.a. Clarence Greenwood) chimes in with this melodramatic tune that let’s you know you’re not alone in your wallowing. Greenwood's moody vocals and somber guitar will undoubtedly tug at your heartstrings. Pour yourself a stiff drink, put the song on loop and learn to let go.
  3. "All the Money I Had is Gone" -The Deep Dark Woods This is for all you fellas whose ladies left you high n’ dry. It’s no secret that relationships are expensive; dinner, drinks, presents, the list goes on. And what’ve you got to show for it now but a busted heart and an empty pocketbook? But hey, look on the bright side (yes, there’s a bright side) now that you're leaving and moving on, you can start building up that savings account again—just don’t blow it all on the next gal.
  4. "How It Ends" -DeVotchKa Whoever said real men don’t cry, obviously never listened to DeVotchKa. As far as songs about leaving and moving on are concerned, DeVotchKa takes the cake. “How It Ends” is just the track you need to let it all out. Best when paired with a shoulder to cry on.
  5. "Just By Myself" -Greg Brown Greg Brown’s “Just by Myself” is a manifesto for the newly single man. Brown reminds you of all those little things you could never get away with in a relationship (late-night dinners, sleeping in nothing but socks, fishing whenever you damn well please). Give it a listen and you'll realize that this is all for the best.
  6. "I Will Survive" -Cake After all the hurt and sadness comes a newfound sense of empowerment, consider this rock cover by Cake fuel for the fire. The band remains true to the song’s original lyrics (with the quick exception of an F-bomb thrown in for good measure).
  7. "At Least We Tried" Moby Yes, you did. You tried and now it’s time to let go and move on. The memories are good, but the possibility of your future is even better without her.
  8. "Out Of My Mind" -John Mayer Trio Say what you will about this modern heartthrob, but John Mayer can really sing the blues. This isn’t the lighthearted pop musician you’ve heard time and time again on Top 40 radio, it’s not about running through the halls of your high school or screaming at the top of your lungs, but rather a raw display of emotion backed by Mayer’s gritty blues band.
  9. "Grounds for Divorce" -Wolf Parade As you can see, we’re making a progression here. Now that the heart-wrenching songs and the roller coaster emotions are over, it’s really time to move on. And what better way to do that than with an ode to divorce? Get in your car, crank it up and vow to start anew.
  10. "This Time" -DJ Shadow It’s time for a clean slate and DJ Shadow’s got the perfect remedy with this track about letting go of the past and getting it right this time. Cheers to new beginnings.
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