10 Songs About Love Triangles

These 10 songs about love triangles reveal the anguish, drama, heartbreak and humor of three-way love affairs.  Whether you just caught your girlfriend making out with your best friend or you fell in love with your best friend's girl, these 10 songs about love triangles will help you cope.

  1. “Bizarre Love Triangle”: This New Order hit is an obvious love triangle song, and not only that, it will make you dance. As the lyrics say, a love triangle can leave you feeling "shot right through with a bolt of blue," so dancing off the excess stress is a very good thing.
  2. “Back to Black”: When Amy Winehouse sings, “You go back to her and I go back to us,” you may suddenly have a revelation about your own twisted love triangle. How many times will you, your lover and your competition walk through the revolving door of your love triangle?
  3. “Three Way Love Affair”: For that girl who cheated and said she needed both you and the other guy, “Three Love Affair” is the ultimate love triangle song. Listen and you will find the courage to follow Sir Elton John’s advice: break it up.
  4. “Nobody”: For those love triangles when your lover claims there is nobody else, country singer Sylvia soothes your suspicious heart. You will no longer feel like a jealous, jilted lunatic when you ask "nobody" for his name and he hangs up. Just remember that you love your girlfriend better.
  5. “Scotty Doesn’t Know”: Scotty may not know the truth about his girl Fiona, but the band Lustra does. Fiona does not really go to church every Sunday. Oh no, she is on her knees in Scotty’s best friend’s van. Are you Scotty in this scenario?
  6. “Careless Whisper”: You cheated your best friend by sleeping with his girl, and now your “guilty feet have got no rhythm.” Good, because the first step in overcoming the urge to start a nasty love triangle is to admit your faults. Listen to this Wham hit and let your conscience do the rest.
  7. “Liar”: This song is about the worst kind of love triangle trauma: catching your girlfriend with your best friend. That’s the kind of lie that really hurts, so go ahead and call her out. The band 3 Degrees certainly does not beat around the bush. They simply call her a “liar!”
  8. “Two Princes”: For all those guys who ever loved a woman caught between a rich man and a poor man, The Spin Doctors have a song about a love triangle just for you. One lyric captures the conflict to a tee: “Marry him, your father will condone you. Marry me, your father will disown you.”
  9. “The Girl is Mine”: You and your best friend love the same girl, but you know the girl is yours—end of story. This lighthearted Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson duet will remind you to laugh a little about the love triangle situation, too—important for maintaining your friendship.
  10. “Jessie’s Girl”: Has something changed recently between you and your best friend? If that “something” is your best friend’s new girlfriend, watch out, because a love triangle like this will only lead you to look in the mirror and wonder what she fails to see in you. Listen to Rick Springfield, soothe your bruised ego, and go find your own woman like that.
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