10 Songs About Loving Someone

The 10 songs about loving someone can bring up memories of a lost love or make you think about your current special someone. Artists use the power of music to put their feelings in to words. You can use the ten songs about loving someone to help you express yourself as well.

  1. "Beth" (1976) – Peter Criss / Stan Penridge. Peter Criss of the rock band Kiss wrote this ballad about how working in a band was tearing apart his band mate's marriage. It became one of the most popular songs Kiss ever released and a surprise member of the list of the best ten songs about loving someone.
  2. "You Are So Beautiful" (1974) – Billy Preston / Bruce Fisher / Dennis Wilson. Music legends Billy Preston and Dennis Wilson may have written "You Are So Beautiful" (1974), but the performance on the recording by Joe Cocker made it one the top ten songs about loving someone. Cocker's emotion pours out of the song and makes it sound genuine.
  3. "Unforgettable" (1951) – Irving Gordon. This song was made popular by Nat King Cole, and was one of the most popular songs of the 1950's. It became a member of the list of top ten songs about loving someone as soon as it was released and hit the radio waves.
  4. "I Just Called To Say I Love You" (1984) – Stevie Wonder. This is one of the more upbeat songs on the list of ten songs about loving someone, but this Stevie Wonder classic belongs on the list. It is a fun song that talks about picking up the phone just to tell that special someone that you love her.
  5. "Your Song" (1970) – Bernie Taupin / Elton John. This is such a straight-forward love song that it is difficult not to like it. Its innocence is augmented by Elton John's beautiful performance.
  6. "She's Got A Way" (1982) – Billy Joel. Billy Joel spends the entire song speaking of the things that his love does that he appreciates. Then, he ends this entry on the list of top ten songs about loving someone by re-stating how much she means to him.
  7. "You're My Best Friend" (1976) – John Deacon. Queen bass player John Deacon wrote this song about his feelings for his wife. Freddie Mercury delivers it with such honesty that the song remains one of the most beautiful ballads Queen ever recorded.
  8. "Sea Of Love" (1959) – Phil Phillips / George Khoury. Phil Phillips sings of a tropical location reserved for him and his love. He sings this so softly and honestly that it makes anyone think of a tropical island for two in the middle of the ocean.
  9. "It Had To Be You" (1924) – Gus Kahn / Isham Jones. This is a song about love in a potentially abusive relationship. It is delivered with a touch of sarcasm, but it is definitely about someone professing their love to a dominating partner.
  10. "Unchained Melody" (1955) – Alex North / Hy Zaret. This very popular love song is an extremely sad but powerful story about two lovers that have been separated and want desperately to see each other. You can almost hear the pain in the voices of The Righteous Brothers in their 1965 release of the song.
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