10 Songs About Missing Someone You Love

The best 10 songs about missing someone you love can be about someone who has passed away, or a song about lovers separated by the miles. When you listen to these songs, see if you can find your own story in there somewhere. The best 10 songs about missing someone you love can speak a personal message to anyone.

  1. "Ain't No Sunshine" (1971) – Bill Withers. This song was a huge hit in the 1970's that continued to endure. The message that Bill Withers speaks about is the loneliness he feels when his love is gone. It is an emotional song that is definitely part of the list of 10 songs about missing someone you love that you have to hear.
  2. "In Your Eyes" (1986) – Peter Gabriel / Bill Laswell / Daniel Lanois. This heartfelt song about finding comfort in the eyes of a lover came out on Peter Gabriel's hit album "So" (1986). It has been used in many weddings and proms since it was released, and it remains one of the best 10 songs about missing someone you love.
  3. "Missing You" (1984) – John Waite / Mark Leonard / Chas Sandford. This is a powerful song about denial and losing the love of your life. John Waite sounds like he is almost trying to convince himself that he is not missing her but, by the end of the song, he admits he is.
  4. "The Dance" (1990) – Tony Arata. This is the song that made Garth Brooks a country superstar, and it is also one of the best 10 songs about missing someone ever written. Brooks sings about missing his love but being grateful for the time the two had together.
  5. "Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)" (1988) – Tom Kiefer. The hard rock band Cinderella was not popular for long, but they were around long enough to give us one of the 10 best songs about missing someone you love. This power ballad moves through all of the emotions of realizing what you had and then letting her go.
  6. "Beth" (1976) – Peter Criss / Stan Penridge. It can sometimes work out that the biggest hard rock bands in the world are introduced to a mass audience by a power ballad. The legendary rock band Kiss scored a hit with this ballad about a musician and his wife missing each other as he works away writing songs.
  7. "Black" (1991) – Eddie Vedder / Stone Gossard. Pearl Jam blazed the way for grunge rock bands in the 1990's and drove hair metal off the musical map. Their song "Black" (1991) is a song about a man sitting in a room and missing the woman he loves.
  8. "Always" (1994) – Jon Bon Jovi. Rocker Jon Bon Jovi does not seem like the kind of a guy that spends time waiting on a girl, but in the song "Always" (1994) he promises to. This song's powerful lyrics and soulful performance by Bon Jovi make it one of the best 10 songs about missing someone you love ever written.
  9. "Baby I'm-a Want You" (1971) – David Gates. This is an easy-flowing song by the classic rock band Bread that was a huge hit in 1971. It is a touching song about a man missing a woman, and he sings about how much he misses her.
  10. "Cats In The Cradle" (1974) – Harry Chapin / Sandra Chapin. This brilliant song performed by Harry Chapin tells two stories about missing someone you love. The first is the story of the son missing his father while the son is growing up, and the second is the father missing the son as his son has moved out and moved on.
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