10 Songs About Mothers

There are many songs about moms, some of them touching and some of them awful, and in this list of ten songs about mothers we bring you some from both ends of the spectrum.

  1. “Dear Mama” 2Pac.  Tupac Shakur was not generally known for his sensitive lyrics, but it’s hard not to be touched by this ode to his mother.  “And even as a crack fiend, Mama,” he sings, “you always was a black queen, Mama.”  Aww, Tupac, you softie.
  2. “Hey Mama” Kanye West.  Kanye was a momma’s boy and proudly so.  It was genuinely tragic when his mother died and it seemed to be the start of his descent into increasingly bizarre and narcissistic behavior.  This song about his mom is a reminder of the fact that Kanye West is a real talent and capable of genuine emotion despite how ridiculous and irritating his public persona has become.
  3. “I Love My Momma” Snoop Dogg.  If you weren’t paying close attention to this song, you might have thought Snoop Dogg was talking about how much he loves his ganja.  Listen again, though, because this song is actually about how much he loves his momma.  “Yeah, I love my momma,” he raps.  “Through all the drama, I love my momma.  I love my momma.”  It may not be deep, but at least it’s probably sincere.
  4. “Blueprint (Momma Loves Me)” Jay-Z.  As evidenced above, many rappers have written songs about how much they love their mommas.  It takes someone as innovative as the self-proclaimed “Greatest Rapper Alive” to flip that convention on its head and sing about how much his momma loves him.  You crazy for that one, Hova.
  5. “Mother” Pink Floyd.  From the list so far you might think that only rappers write songs about moms.  Not so!  But rock songs about moms usually seem so much more political.  Take, for instance, this Pink Floyd song.  “Mother, should I trust the government?”  As if that isn’t a rhetorical question anyway.
  6. “Mother” Danzig.  This song is more a warning to mothers than an ode to them.  “Mother, tell your children not to hold my hand,” Glenn counsels.  It’s actually very sound advice, though.  He’s about the last person whose hand you’d want your kids holding.  They would most likely draw back a bloody stump.
  7. “Mother” John Lennon.  There sure are a lot of songs titled “Mother.”  From the “songs about tortured relationships with parents” category comes this little ditty from ex-Beatle John Lennon.  It will make you want to hug your own mom and thank her for not messing you up so much that you’d write a song so over the top with self-pity.
  8. “Mama I’m Coming Home” Ozzy Osbourne.  It’s embarrassing being a boomerang child, returning home to your parents with your tail between your legs after utterly failing at a career in music.  Kudos to Ozzy for having the courage to write a song about his failure.  I hope one day he’s able to make a living practicing his art.
  9. “My Mom” Eminem.  Eminem really doesn’t seem to like his mom.  At all.  In this song, he raps about how all his problems are her fault.  So much for personal responsibility.
  10. “A Song For Mama” Boyz II Men.  Here’s a nice little song from those clean cut boyz (or are they men now?) of Boyz II Men.  They don’t hate their mommas.  They love their mommas.  “Your love is like tears from the stars,” they sing.  Wait, what does that even mean?
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