10 Songs About New Love

You've just fallen hard for someone and you're trying to assemble a quick soundtrack of 10 songs about new love. Well, since falling in love is the basis of about 90 percent of all pop songs in history, it shouldn't be hard to come up with a list, even if it's just love at first sight, or even lust at first sight. Covering 50 years of pop music, here are 10 songs about new love just for you and your new main squeeze.

  1. "Can't Help Falling in Love." This song about the inevitability of falling in love has been covered by plenty of singers, but the Elvis Presley original is still the best.
  2. "Teenage Dream." Katy Perry's ode to the feeling that "we'll be young forever" is as good a pop song about new love as there is.
  3. "I've Just Seen a Face" This Beatles classic, with its "Falling, yes I am falling, and she keeps calling, me back again" chorus, condenses into two minutes all the excitement of love at first sight, and realizing you could have missed that person if you'd looked the other way.
  4. "Baby Now That I've Found You." A pledge by a young man that he'll never let his new love go became a 1967 hit for the Foundations, and  in 1995, a sweet little country hit for Alison Krauss.
  5. "Crazy for You." A slowdance classic from the 80s, Madonna's nod to the passion and romance of new love was her first ballad to become a hit.
  6. "Crazy in Love" More craziness, this time from Beyonce, with a little help from Jay Z before they wed. Beyonce sings an up-tempo party song about the fun and craziness of falling in love. Any woman who hears this on a car stereo will crank it up with a smile on her face. Guaranteed.
  7. "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face." Roberta Flack in 1972 sang the feelings of countless lovestruck listeners who couldn't put into words the emotions felt from a brand new love.
  8. "You're the First, My Last, My Everything." No love song list is complete without a Barry White entry and this party song sums up just about everything a woman in love wants to hear from her man.
  9. "I Think I Love You." Of all the songs about new love, this 1970 Partridge Family hit may be one of the cheesiest, yet catchiest ever recorded.
  10. "All Summer Long." To be fair, this title was used effectively by the Beach Boys and Kid Rock in very different songs about those fleeting summer love stories. Consider this two-fer a little gift to you in honor of being in love again… for the very first time.



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