10 Songs About Reuniting With Lost Love

If you're looking to find 10 songs about reuniting with lost love, then look no further than these classic musical masterpieces. Reuniting with lost love is perhaps one of the most popular topics to cover in the music business, especially in the love song genre. The past couple of decades have seen a large abundance of these types of songs all throughout. Many are typical and cliche in nature, but there's always some that standout even if they are just a little bit cliché.

  1. "My First Love" by Avant featuring Keke Wyatt. Originally recorded by the '80s R&B duo Rene & Angela, Avant and Keke Wyatt brought it back into the charts with their remake which sounds just as good as the original. "My First Love" is an awe-inspiring love ballad depicting two lovers whom separately reminisce about their past relationship and what could have been.
  2. "Four Seasons of Loneliness" by Boyz II Men. This epic ground-breaking love song about reuniting with a lost love follows a man who is struggling with his despair and loneliness following a break-up with his lover and how if effects him emotionally throughout the four different seasons of the year.
  3. "Un-break My Heart" by Toni Braxton. With her biggest hit to date, Toni Braxton's "Un-break My Heart" is a mesmerizing, tender, and overwhelming R&B love ballad about a woman trying to reunite with her lost love. Braxton's sensual yet demanding chorus presents a display of sweeping emotions.
  4. "Before You Walk Out of My Life" by Monica. Told from the perspective of a woman who must deal with a lover whom is about to leave their relationship, Monica's classic R&B ballad "Before You Walk Out of My Life" is a sensationally overwhelming love song and Monica's vocals manage to bring out the pain and sadness in you.
  5. "Miss You" by Aaliyah. Recorded posthumously prior to her demise, Aaliyah's "Miss You" is laid back and reflective love ballad in which a young woman reminisces about her boyfriend who has left for college, wondering whether he still loves her among other fears and concerns that lead her to believe that she may have lost him as he begins a new life.
  6. "If I Could Turn Back The Hands of Time" by R. Kelly. This epic masterpiece of an R&B love ballad portrays a man whom wishes he could travel back through time in order to fix his broken relationship with the love of his life. The song begins slowly but sparks a massive emotional build-up as it continues toward its conclusion.
  7. "I Hate This Part" by The Pussycat Dolls. While not necessarily a full-fledge song about reuniting with a lost love, it does deal with a broken relationship and the strength required to end it but it also addresses the conflicted happy memories and such that often cloud a decision of such nature.
  8. "Can U Help Me" by Usher. Although it wasn't selected as a single nor did it have a music video, Usher's "Can U Help Me" is an emotionally-sweeping masterpiece, perhaps the best love ballad since Toni Braxton's "Un-break My Heart." Usher's tender vocals are a great contrast against the harsh world he is describing.
  9. "I Need A Girl, Part One" by P. Diddy featuring Usher. Being the first part of a successful two-song hit, "I Need A Girl" follows a man as he reminisces about his lost love, with rap verses performed by P. Diddy and chorus/vocals done by Usher, all pieced together by a dreamy and atmospheric beat.
  10. "All Cried Out" by Allure featuring 112. Originally recorded in the '80s by Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Allure and 112's cover managed to top the success of its original counterpart. The song is somewhat similar to Avant and Keke Wyatt's "My First Love" although it is far more dramatic and overwhelming.
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