10 Songs About Running Away

These 10 songs about running away will surely help you create a better playlist. Running away songs are always popular no matter how they are presented. Some people prefer soft songs with melodious tunes while others like rock music with loads of beat. The lyrics and tune of such songs are the most important factors. If you are searching for some good tracks, you can have a quick glance at these songs.

  1. “All Will Be Fine” by Thomas Darcy is an ideal running away song. The singer inspires people to leave all the reasons behind their sorrows and start off with a new life by running away to New York. He assures listeners wanting a new beginning that all will be fine.
  2. “Nostrand" by Ratatat is bit different, but the theme of running away is the same. It's the type of a song with lots of electric guitar and loads of beats. When you are driving on the highway, this song is ideal.
  3. “My Metrocard” by Le Tigre is a melodious track. It is about people on a train journey who don't feel like going back to their regular lives.
  4. “Run With Me” by Trans Am is a peppy song. "Dynamic" should be the ideal word for it. This song is highly energetic and gives the feeling that you are already late running away. No matter how busy you are, this track will definitely draw you in.
  5. “Good for You's Good for Me” by Walkmen is a very inspiring and soothing song. It creates an environment of calm and cozy evening where the sun sets, but you get a new ray of hope signaling new beginning with the purple in the sky.
  6. “Running Away” by Midnight Hour is another track that's not new, but the words are pleasant. This song will touch anyone’s heart very easily. The lyrics are meaningful and creates a great impact on listeners.
  7. “Running Away” by Three Days Grace is another running away song which ranked at the top for a long time when it was released. This song is loved by audiences.
  8. “Running Away” by Hoobastank is a newer song with the same running away theme on many playlists.
  9. “Runaway” by Three Doors Down is a remarkable running away song hugely loved by all. It is a peppy track, yet presents the inspirational theme of running away with variety.
  10. “Wash It All Away” by Evanescence is an incredibly deep song, that relies mostly on guitar, piano and a basic drum beat. Even without actually listening to the lyrics, you can feel how deep the song is and how much deeper it gets when you truly look into the words.
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