10 Songs For Aerobic Exercise

If neither Yanni or Lady Gaga are doing the trick, listen to these 10 songs for aerobic exercise assistance. These songs, whether or not they have anything to do with working out (even Olivia Newtown-John's "Physical" is a sex song) will be sure to keep you running, swimming or doing whatever questionable workout you to to burn calories.

  1. Running on Empty.” The sentimental Jackson Browne tune kept Forrest Gump running for Jenny, so it might be a good song for aerobic exercise. You don’t need to run for so long you grow a beard though. Take a break!
  2. Physical.” Sure, this Olivia Newton-John song screams 80's spandex a la Jane Fonda, but it doesn’t mean you can’t work out to it (with the privacy of your headphones of course).
  3. Pump It Up.” You probably don’t think of Elvis Costello when you think of a song for aerobic exercise, but this New Wave hit’s infectious riff and shouts of “pump it up!” will keep you working out for a full 3:17 minutes at least.
  4. Born to Run.” This Springsteen song will have you running to the Jersey shore. An epic and The Boss’s signature tune, it’s a good song for aerobic exercise for the blue-collar crowd and yuppies who can fake it.
  5. Run Like Hell.” What a fitting song for aerobic exercise! Working out in the gym like all the other hamsters on the wheel fits in well with the theme of this song from Pink Floyd’s epic and depressing social commentary, “The Wall.”
  6. Don’t Stop Til' You Get Enough.” Michael Jackson calls to you from beyond the grave (Thriller!) to keep working out until you get enough to burn off those pizza bagels you ate for lunch. A disco hit and a great song for aerobic exercise.
  7. Stayin’ Alive.” The groove alone will keep you working out, but the Bee Gees' calls of “Stayin’ Alive!” should surely motivate you to keep on running if you plan on being “a woman’s man" with "no time to talk.”
  8. Disco Inferno.” Disco seems to be the way to go for songs for aerobic exercise. Regardless of the song’s subject matter, The Trammps 1976 hit should motivate you to “burn, baby, burn.”
  9. Run For You.” Yes, this song has the word “run” in it, but that alone isn’t enough reason to include it on a list of songs for aerobic exercise. Women still go crazy for Bryan Adams for some reason, so just keep thinking about how hard you’re going to have to work out to compete with the Canadian balladeer.
  10. Nightswimming.” Swimming is aerobic exercise too. Here’s a tip: Don’t swim with headphones on and don’t let the slow tempo or sad lyrics of this R.E.M. song let you drown.
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