10 Songs With Girlfriend In Title

This list of ten songs with girlfriend in the title is merely the tip of the iceberg.  There is one surefire way for any musician to either score with or get even with his girlfriend, and that is to write about her.  Thus, there are many songs about girlfriends.  Here are some of the most notable examples.

  1. “Girlfriend In A Coma” The Smiths.  Everything has to be so depressing with Morrissey, including songs about girlfriends.  Here the narrator sings about how he hopes his girlfriend will pull through and come out of her coma even though there were many times when he could have strangled and murdered her himself.  No, he doesn’t want to see her.
  2. “O Girlfriend” Weezer.  Rivers Cuomo can be quite sensitive when he’s not wallowing in irony.  He didn’t even have a funny moustache when he wrote this song about missing his girlfriend and being lost without her love.  Those were better times.
  3. “If I Was Your Girlfriend” Prince.  In addition to having a grammatically incorrect title, this song commits the crime of making you picture Prince as your girlfriend.  Eww, man.  Eww.
  4. “Girlfriend” Phoenix.  Perhaps the Frenchmen of Phoenix need a few more ESL lessons.  Lyrics such as “I am longing you; I am longing us, too,” don’t make a whole lot of sense.  We forgive them, though, because their songs are just so catchy.  Their girlfriends probably forgive them, too, and are longing them all the time.
  5. “Real Good Girlfriend” The Mountain Goats.  Mountain Goats front man John Darnielle is not known for writing upbeat, optimistic lyrics.  He is better known for writing an entire album about his relationship with his abusive stepfather (“The Sunset Tree”).  This song is an exception, though.  “I may not be the greatest guy in town,” he sings, “people may have good cause to put me down, but I’ve got a real good girlfriend now.”  After all he’s been through, that’s good to hear.
  6. Girlfriend Is Better” Talking Heads.  David Byrne has a girlfriend that’s better than that, and he wants you to know.  On an unrelated note, this song features the refrain, “Stop making sense,” which would go on to be the title of a really good concert documentary of the band directed by Jonathan Demme.
  7. “Me & My Girlfriend” 2Pac.  “Started out my life of crime with you, bought you some shells when you turned twenty two.”  Wow, Tupac, that’s really romantic.  If you’re a character in “Natural Born Killers.”
  8. “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend” Her Space Holiday.  You know what sucks?  Your best friend sleeping with your girlfriend.  That’s a kick in the junk right there.  The narrator in this song hasn’t taken it so well and seems to be implying that he’s going to commit suicide.  Don’t do it!  You were too good for her anyway.
  9. “Nazi Girlfriend” Iggy Pop.  If you ever want to give your own girlfriend a reason to break up with you, just play this song for her.  Unless she’s putting down a copy of “Mein Kampf” to listen, there is a pretty good chance she’ll find it offensive.
  10. “Spooky Girlfriend” Elvis Costello.  Elvis Costello is looking for a spooky girlfriend.  Perhaps he should get some tips from Iggy Pop.  The imaginary girl in this song sounds downright saintly in comparison to his fascist fantasy girl.
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