10 Songs For Long Distance Relationships

When your lover is far away, you can use these 10 songs for long distance relationships to help you articulate your feelings. Being separated from a loved one, for whatever reason, can bring a range of emotions, from sadness and insecurity to the hopeful desire of being together again. Songwriters throughout the ages have used these emotions as inspiration. Find some inspiration of your own with these songs.

  1. "I Just Called to Say I Love You" This classic from Stevie Wonder has everything a song for a long distance romance needs: optimism, charm and simplicity. The "just because" phone call got a boost from this great tune.
  2. "Right Here Waiting For You"  Richard Marx brought us this heartfelt song. The beautiful lyrics express the emotional anguish a long distance relationship can bring and the persistence of love's bond across time and space.
  3. "Carrying Your Love With Me" In this country song, George Strait gives his woman the credit for strengthening his spirit when the separation is too burdensome. Holding onto the love in a long distance relationship is what gives him the ability to persevere.
  4. "Far Far Away" Alternative band Wilco reveals the need to be reunited when this ballad is sung. Reflecting on memories of time spent together makes the longing even more painful.
  5. "I'll Be There" This song recorded by the Jackson 5 conveys loyalty and support under any circumstance. They sing of a love so deep that even if their lovers left to find other men, they would wish them happiness.
  6. "Unchained Melody" The Righteous Brothers recorded the most successful version of this song. Though the film "Ghost" created a resurgence in the song's popularity, it is easy to see how this tune has stood the test of time among long distance lovers.
  7. "Lucky" Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat perform this bouncy duet that reflects both the pain of distance and the joy of reunion in its lyrics. This is one of the sweetest songs reflecting a friendship-turned-romance.
  8. "A Thousand Miles" Vanessa Carlton pounds away at her keyboard in frustration in this upbeat tune. The desire to do whatever it takes to see each other again is the main theme of this song.
  9. "So Far Away" In a long distance relationship, sometimes the distance is more than just geographic. In this tune, Dire Straits communicates the emotional distance that can grow when lovers are apart.
  10. "Long Distance" Being away from the one you love is never easy. In this song, Bruno Mars clings to the picture in a frame. He summed up the feelings of every lover in a long distance relationship when he sings of the longing to be close again.
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