10 Sony TV Repair Tips

Here are 10 Sony TV repair tips for your broken plasma or LCD TV.  If you are having issues with your Sony TV, here are some simple tips to help you fix your TV.  Your TV should last at least five years, however sometimes Sony TV’s may have issues because of component malfunction.

  1. Verify the power outlet is active.  Make sure the power outlet is working.  If your Sony TV does not turn on, try plugging in another device such as a lamp.
  2. Check the Sony TV remote.  If your TV is not functioning properly, check your TV remote for fresh batteries.  Old batteries will keep the Sony remote from functioning properly.
  3. Check the master power switch.  On certain Sony TV’s there is a master power switch.  If this power switch is in the off position your TV will not respond to remote commands.
  4. Verify the cable tv box is working.  Make sure your cable TV box is functioning before you send in your Sony TV for repair.  If the cable box is not working correctly, you will not be able to view a picture.
  5. Verify the DVD player is correctly wired.  If your Sony TV is not displaying DVD images, double check the audio and video wiring on the back of the TV.  Sometimes they may become physically loose if accidentally bumped.
  6. Verify the correct input is selected.  If you are trying to watch Cable television make sure that the source input is correctly set on your Sony TV.  It may have changed if you were using your DVD player.  Checking this can save you the headache of a needless repair call.
  7. Check for a third party warranty.  In some cases, you may have purchased a third party warranty.  Check with your instruction manual to see if there is a third party warranty booklet.
  8. Call the store for repair information.  If you cannot find the warranty book, call the store where you purchased your Sony TV.  Most likely there is a record of your purchase along with repair details.
  9. Call Sony for repair information.  If you did not purchase a third party warranty you can contact Sony directly for the nearest Sony repair device.
  10. Prepare the TV for shipping.  If your Sony is out of warranty, it may not qualify for in home service.  You will have to pack the TV to ship, in order for Sony to repair the unit.  It is helpful if you use the original packaging material which came with your Sony.
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