10 Spontaneous Gift Ideas For A Girlfriend

These 10 spontaneous gift ideas for a girlfriend isn’t an all-inclusive list. It should be used instead as a source to inspire your own, especially in a way that’s tailored to her tastes and preferences. If you’re strapped for cash, worry not—you’ll just have to make up for it by mastering the art of paying attention, as most women prefer creatively and highly-personalized gifts over expensive but generic ones any day. However, if you’re really stuck, don’t be afraid to ask her friends or family members for help.

  1. Give her a massage. A massage is a massage, whether you take her to a professional or administer it yourself. If you decide to play masseuse, don’t forget the candles, the softly playing music in the background and the lightly scented rubbing oil.
  2. Book a spa appointment. Show that you care for her well being by scheduling a spa treatment for her. With access to facials, body wraps, aromatherapy and more, she’ll emerge feeling and looking better for the both of you.
  3. A picnic rendezvous. Take your girlfriend and a basket of goodies to a breath-taking natural spot—think beaches, lakesides or meadows (parks or backyards will do as well).
  4. Buy or make her jewelry. If you can’t afford precious metals and gemstones, many lovely varieties of costume jewelry exist. Depending on a combination of your skills and her taste, you might even be able to make her something. However, don’t get her anything that doesn’t match her style or preference, no matter how beautiful you think it will look on her. Either she’ll never wear it or if she’s polite, she’ll wear it front of you and secretly cringe from revolt or embarrassment.
  5. A handwritten card or letter. Email, text messages and e-cards don’t count or appear as thoughtful. If you’re stumped on what to write, just be as straightforward as possible about your personal feelings. Embellish it with some inspirational or love quotes.
  6. Introductory lessons to a hobby she’s always wanted to try. If you get this for her, it could easily be one of the most memorable presents you’ve ever given her, as it gives her the opportunity to expand her set of skills and knowledge. What better gift than the gift of learning?
  7. A practical necessity. Pay attention to what she needs. If she constantly complains about being lost, how about surprising her with a GPS device? Does she need new tires? A new MP3 player? Pay attention and she’ll be grateful that you’ve made her life easier.
  8. A home-cooked meal. Surprise her with a romantic dinner consisting of her favorite foods. A man who can cook is a gift most women can’t resist.
  9. A gift card at her favorite store. This option is a safe distance between giving her the freedom to get she wants without you appearing totally clueless about what she actually does want. Just know where she likes to shop.
  10. A flower delivery at her work. Though flowers seem like a generic gift, a floral delivery to the office seem be a momentous occasion to her. Not only will she love the attention from her co-workers, but also it might brighten an otherwise boring or hard day at the office.
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