10 Spouse Name Tattoo Ideas

If you need a list of 10 spouse name tattoo ideas, look no further. From simple to complex, adding the name of a spouse to your body is permanent. Never get a tattoo because you feel forced or pressured. While there are methods of removal, they are expensive and do not always completely remove the tattoo.

  1. Traditional heart. Possibly the most common of the spouse name tattoo ideas involve a plain heart. Have the artist write the spouse's name inside a medium to large heart. Placement is typically the chest or upper arm. The forearm is also an option for some men.
  2. Banner. On the list of spouse tattoo ideas the banner presentation is a must. Banners come in scroll or fancy frame form and can be made to fit any size name. Consult with your tattoo artist for placement.
  3. Simple Script. On the list of spouse name tattoo ideas, the simple script must fall. This super plain option is an inexpensive tattoo to show off your love for your special mate.
  4. Embossed Script. A cousin to simple script, embossed script makes its way onto the list of spouse name tattoo ideas. Embossed script involves simple script lettering with additional shading and embellishments such as flowers, butterflies or small hearts.
  5. Wedding rings. The symbol that binds a couple in marriage is typically wedding rings. This addition to the list of spouse name tattoo ideas includes adding your loved ones name to a wedding ring. Placement over the heart is suggested.
  6. Rose. A rose is a symbol of eternal love. This spouse name tattoo idea suggests wrapping a banner including your spouse's name around a long stem red rose.
  7. Animal representation. If your mate reminds you of a lion, or a butterfly, use this one from the list of spouse name tattoo ideas. Pick out a tattoo of an animal that symbolizes your mate and have their name placed under, above or around the animal.
  8. Dated. On the list of spouse name tattoos comes the wedding date suggestion. Choose the type of lettering you desire and place the husband or wife's name and the date as a band around an arm or leg.
  9. Portrait. If your spouse's face is the first thing you want to see each morning, consider adding a portrait. The list of spouse name tattoo ideas would not be complete without suggesting your spouse's mug be placed permanently on your arm, back or chest.
  10. Big Block. If you love your spouse in a big way, try this last entry on the list of spouse name tattoo ideas. Use large block letters to spell out their name across your back or around the belly button.
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