10 Squash Shot Tips

If you are a beginner or an expert, here are 10 squash shot tips to improve your squash game immediately. Some of these will be easy to accomplish but some will need more practice and increase exposure to become effective. Remember, don't get discouraged. Squash is just as much mental as it is physical.

  1. Got to find the right grip. The key to the best forehand is the grip. Your thumb should be following the edge of your racquet up towards the head. Keep your racquet aiming upward and keeping the face open until you are absolutely ready for impact. Keep your hand tight on the handle and followthrough.
  2. Find time to practice. It’s only by hitting the same shot again and again that you can master the shot. Hitting the shot many times in a row can help you "groove" in the shot. If you can't find someone to practice with, simply find a wall and attempt to hit the ball in the same spot. Start soft and pick up the pace to increase your abilities.
  3. Arrange matches with some players who are better than you. Find someone who is a bit better than you, yet is willing to play with you. You’ll force yourself to become a better player by doing this  This goes for anything in your life. Remember, those who are successful in life have always tried to surround themselves with other successful people.
  4. Master the forehand spin. When performing the proper forehand you want to come right under the ball sweeping your racquet through towards the wall. Keep your head high and when about to hit the ball come through with it at a 45 degree angle. Practice, practice, practice. It can prove very effective against opponents.
  5. Get fit to play squash. Jogging, running, jumping rope and cardio lifting are all good cross-training activities for squash. When doing these exercises your cardio and breathing will improve exponentially. This will eventually lead to outlasting your opponents especially during the long matches.
  6. Play and practice regularly. Simply playing or practicing once a week can help you improve. This, again, is the same for an activity. The more your play and the more practice you get, the more progression will be made on a day to day basis rather than a week to week basis.
  7. Follow your racquet. Think of your whole body as part of your racquet. Your feet are set perpendicular to the wall, your hips begin to rotate, your arm comes through holding the racquet head high and your hand motions directly at the ball. Should be one fluid motion while making sure to followthrough! 
  8. Keep learning and set goals for improvement. Set yourself some challenging goals and then define some achievable milestones along the way to your goals. Attempt to improve your form once you get to that point concentrate on your serves. After serves, work on the progression of your forehand, then backhand.
  9. Learn the mental game, strategy and tactics. Unfortunately there’s no time for reflection during a fast squash point. Research and talk with good players about what works for them and how they do what they do. Take some lessons at the club you're a part of, look up short videos online that demonstrate tips.
  10. Foot speed is essential. If your feet aren’t in place, a bad shot is sure to follow. To increase foot speed take a step-up box at the gym and see how many steps you can do in a minute. Another method to try is a foot ladder, stepping in and out quickly.
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