10 Stone Age Diet Menu Ideas

Knowing 10 Stone Age Diet menu ideas will help you get trim fast. The Stone Age diet,  or "Caveman" diet is based on the assumption that it's easier humans metabolize and digest foods that were most prevalent during the Paleolithic Era. Think of things that hunter-gatherers would have eaten. The advent of agriculture about 10,000 years ago provided a food surplus that allowed explosive population growth, but it also introduced foods that were more difficult to digest. Our hunter-gatherer genetic makeup makes us better adapted to this "Stone age" diet because we had about a million years to evolve with them.

The Stone Age diet is similar to others that say to eliminate carbohydrates. By thinking of it in Stone Age terms, however, you may be able to categorize the things you eat differently. If it was OK for a caveman to eat it, it's OK for you, too.

  1. Pre-Technology Anything that humans were eating before the introduction of agriculture, and grain crops, is pretty much fair game. This means anything processed or refined is out.
  2. Beef What better menu idea is there for a caveman? What other great main entree did our hunter-gatherer ancestors have that was better than a big slab of beef? Steaks are great sources of protein and are stone age diet-approved.
  3. Chicken Not a red meat eater? Chicken breast is a great healthy substitute. Try baking or grilling them instead of frying them for a healthier meal as well. 
  4. Fish Now you don't have to go out and catch it with a spear like a real caveman, but seafood is another great stone age diet meal idea. As another great source of protein, fresh fish can offer as a substitute for meat. And you don't have to be overly concerned with fat content. Go to any local grocery store and buy any kind of fresh fish. Season with salt, pepper, lemon, and garlic and throw it on the grill or in the oven, and you've got a healthy and tasty meal waiting for you.
  5. Sashimi You can't get any more raw than eating raw fish. We don't mean sushi, because the rice wouldn't be an acceptable Stone Age diet meal. Sashimi, slices of fresh fish, are another great source of protein.
  6. Veggies Raw vegetables all receive a thumbs-up as a stone age diet meal.
  7. Fruits In the middle of the day, heavy meals can weigh the stone age civilian down. So instead of that rib-eye, have a fresh fruit salad.
  8. Berries Think about it, what else could cavemen eat? What can you find walking through the forest in the Stone Age? Berries. They might not be as fulfilling a meal as a fish filet, but eating berries as a stone age diet meal will probably get you to your goal weight faster than snacking on fried chicken.
  9. Nuts A handful at a time is healthier than those fifteen bags of Cheetos you really wanna eat. Duh.
  10. Sweets No need to cut out sweets in the Stone Age Diet. Sweets that come from nature — honey, maple sugar, date sugar — are acceptable. Sugar is another story. Refined (granulated or powdered) sugar is not OK and is a big factor in obesity.
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