10 Studio Apartment Design Ideas

If you're living in one, you'll probably need more than just ten studio apartment design ideas. Studio apartments are usually pretty small spaces. It'll take all of your creativity to create the feel of a true livable space in a studio apartment. Every piece of useable space will be utilized in a studio apartment, especially if you have a lot of stuff. You're going to have to start thinking of form as an element of functionality when designing your studio apartment layout. Here are ten tips to help you make your studio apartment more of a liveable place.

  1. Organization. You're going to have to be organized. There's no question about it. You're not going to have enough room to carelessly throw pieces of furniture in one place and store clothes in another. You have to carefully lay out your studio apartment.
  2. Your closet. Studio apartments do have closets, but they aren't that big. So, you're going to have to figure out how to get everything in there. Use hangers to put up all your shirts and dress pants. Use the provided shelving space for folded jeans and tee shirts. Any ground space should hold your shoes and stuff like that.
  3. Your bathroom. All toiletries including colognes should be in the cabinets. Keep your grooming supplies and everything else in there too. Remember, it's almost a given that you must remain neat for space purposes. Clippers and shaving stuff too. If you can, store your towels and stuff in there as well. Anything you don't need out in the living space, store it in either the closet or the bathroom.
  4. Your bed. If you have one, make sure it's off in a corner away from your sitting furniture. But, make sure to set it up so you have a clear view of your television from that particular vantage point. You don't want to have to sit in a chair to watch TV.
  5. Futon. If you have a futon that you use for the bed, then simply place the futon in a position similar to a couch in a normal sized place. If you have both a futon and a bed, place the futon like a couch, but remember to move that bed as far away from the main living space as possible. Put in in a corner.
  6. Your TV. If you have a flat screen you should get a wall mount. Also, use wall mounts for the accessories that pertain to the TV as well. It'll save you some much needed floor space. Make sure you mount the TV so you can see it comfortably from your bed as well as any futon or sitting furniture you may have.  Make sure that your landlord is OK with you mounting things first though. If you have an old tube television, you're going to have to make due with it off in a corner.
  7. Invest in portable shelving. Use these things to store your other stuff in your studio apartment. You should also see if you can find the drawers that slide from up under your bed. They would be a good storage space.
  8. Pictures and paintings. If you want you studio apartment to feel more like home, then add a few pictures or paintings that you can hang off the walls. Make sure the paintings compliment your furniture if possible. Space them evenly over the walls of your studio apartment.
  9. Extra space? If you have any room left, you should invest in a small table. Use it to throw stuff on. The trick is to make your studio appear as if it's bigger than what it really is.
  10. Lamps. Get two of the long thin lamps for your place. Sit one on either corner of the room, and the other on the adjacent room. The should be an adequate source of lighting for a small place like a studio apartment. 
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