10 Studio Apartment Storage Ideas

Check out these ten studio apartment storage ideas. In order to adequately store anything in a studio apartment, you're going to have to think outside the box that is your studio apartment. You're going to have to store some of your items in your studio apartment in the common living space. So, storage units may have to double as items of furniture and items of furniture will have to aid in the storage of extra items in your studio apartment. Here are ten studio apartment storage ideas.

  1. Storage containers. Buy a few of those big, hard plastic storage containers. They're pretty sturdy and can hold a lot of stuff. You can also use them as various pieces of furniture in your studio apartment. They work well as makeshift seats and chairs.
  2. Store up. Stack things wherever you can. Especially those things that you don't use all that often. It'll help to clear up a little floor space.
  3. Your closet. Maximize your closet space by using the shelving to store folded jeans and tee shirts. Only hang up your dress pants and dress shirts. Hang a pair of pants with a dress shirt on the same hanger to save some room.
  4. Shelving. Installing removable shelving on the walls is a great way to save space in your studio apartment. You can store a lot of stuff on these things while saving floor space.
  5. Your bed. Use the space under your bed to store clothes, shoes or other items that you don't mind getting a little dusty. The higher the bed frame, the more stuff you can cram under the bed. You could even elevate the bed by taking the wheels of the frame off and balancing it on four bricks.
  6. Milk crates. These things are great for all purpose storing. You can stack them, and they're very durable. You can put almost anything in them, and they're easy to move around.
  7. Saving floor space. Anything you can mount on a wall should be, well mounted on a wall. You can put your TV and its accessories up there. You can also mount your stereo system up there. Just make sure your landlord doesn't mind first.
  8. Boxes. Use the very boxes you used to pack with as makeshift shelving. Similar to the plastic storage containers, you can use your boxes as items holders or some sort of furniture. Simply turn the boxes on their sides. Fold the flaps back and use the boxes like shelves.
  9. Your bathroom. Use your bathroom to store any and all things that have to do with hygiene or toiletries. Stack towels under the sink or on top of the mirror cabinet. Keep your colognes and grooming stuff in there as well. You have to be creative to pack all of your stuff in a studio apartment.
  10. Rotating winter and summer clothing. To save room in your closet, rotate your seasonal clothing. During the summer, pack up your winter stuff and store it in a stacked fashion as described earlier. Rotate your clothes as the seasons change.
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