10 Stupid Pickup Lines That Work

The 10 stupid pickup lines that work are most effective if you have a good sense of humor and if the girl you are talking to does as well. The reason stupid pick up lines are effective is because they show, right away, that you have a funny side to you. Practice the ten stupid pickup lines that work and find the ones that are most comfortable to you.

  1. "Heaven just called and said they lost an angel. It must be you." This is so stupid that it is funny. You can even use your cell phone as a prop when delivering this member of the list of ten stupid pickup lines that work.
  2. "Your legs have to be tired because you have been running through my mind since I first saw you." There is no way you can deliver this line in a suave or dignified manner. This entry on the list of ten stupid pickup lines that work is an oldie, but it is definitely a goodie.
  3. "Now I know what to tell Santa to bring me for Christmas." This one objectifies her just a little bit, but when it is delivered with a humorous tone it is very effective. This is just as effective in August as it would be in December.
  4. "Excuse me, I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?" Another oldie but a goodie that works more often than you think. If she is laughing and having a good time with her friends, then this entry on the list of ten stupid pick up lines can fit right in to the conversation.
  5. "My inner child says you are one hot mama." Try to keep the delivery on this one light and not so creepy. Emphasize the "hot mama" part at the end to make this one effective.
  6. "Hi, sorry to bother you but I am so lost. How do I get to your place?" This one is only to be used by guys with the strongest sense of confidence. It lets her know right away what is on your mind, and it can be very effective if you find the right girl.
  7. "Your nail polish is the same color as my foreign sports car." You don't need to have a foreign sports car for this one to work, but it can help. Once you get her talking, and laughing, then you can probably explain that you don't have a foreign sports car. But wait until you can tell if she is interested or not.
  8. "Rumor has it that you are a lady." This is one of those lines you use just to start a conversation with her, but it is so effective that is also works as a great pickup line. You can discuss the connotation of the word "lady" once you get into a conversation with her.
  9. "What movie do I know you from?" You will find that some girls recognize this bad pickup line and play right along. That is when you know it has worked, and it works often. If she acts like she has no idea what you are talking about, then move on.
  10. "Is this pickup line working?" This is so stupid, and obvious, that it is highly effective. A pickup line is used to break the ice, and there is no better way to break the ice than with a joke.
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