10 Subtle Signs A Girl Likes You

As a general rule, girls aren't very straightforward, so here are 10 subtle signs a girl likes you. Women are masters of the art of subtlety. All too often, guys miss out on what could be really good opportunities, because they miss the signals that the girls in their lives are sending out. Missing out on an opportunity because of ignorance won't happen to you again if you know the signs to look for and recognize. 

  1. She lets you into her personal space. Everybody has a "personal bubble" of sorts. Meaning, everyone has their own personal space that they don't let whoever invade. If you take a step towards a girl when you're talking to her and she steps back, then she's not allowing you into her personal space. if she doesn't seem bothered by you being in her space, then it's a sign she likes you. Personal space is reserved for people you care about and trust.
  2. You catch her looking at you. If you look over at her, and she suddenly looks somewhere else, then you just caught her staring at you. If this happens, it's usually because she's thinking about the fact that she likes you, she just can't figure out how to let you know.
  3. She's texting you more than usual. If she goes from hardly texting you at all to talking to you on a more regular basis, it's a pretty good indicator she likes you. Girls don't initiate conversation with people they don't like. This subtle sign also applies to phone calls and social networking sites.
  4. She's seems to be at some of your favorite hang-outs. If she starts popping up at some of the places you like to go to, she probably likes you. Girls are like that. They think that showing up at places you like to go to shows an interest in you and your likes.
  5. Her pupils dilate when she's around you. If you notice that her pupils seem to be larger than usual when she's near you, it's another subtle sign she likes you. Unlike other signs that are done intentionally, women can't control this odd bodily reaction. Next time you're near a group of females, take notice at what their eyes are doing, You may be surprised to find out who's attracted to you. 
  6. She offers to buy you a drink when you're out. If that hottie at the bar offers to buy your next round, she's into you. She's trying to do something nice for you, without being too obvious.
  7. She seems to lose composure around you. Losing composure includes blushing and decreased coordination. If that usually cool and collected girl you're into suddenly starts tripping and blushing madly, it's a very good indicator that she likes you.
  8. Mutual friends are putting you two in situations together. If the two of you have mutual friends, pay attention to their behavior as well. Sometimes, friends can pick up on chemistry quicker than anyone. If your friends suddenly begin suggesting that you two sit together when you're all out to eat, or ride-share to the next few outings, they think that there could be something between you too.
  9. She's biting her lower lip. Sometimes, the biting of the lower lip is done intentionally to be flirty. Sometimes it's a nervous habit that a girl does when she's around a guy she likes. Either way, she's doing it because she's into you.
  10. Her speech habits seem off around you. If that usually quiet girl is suddenly a chatterbox, it's because you make her nervous. the same rule also applies if she's unusually quiet near you. If you make her nervous, it's because she's into you!
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