10 Successful Christian Businessmen

Are you wondering which 10 successful Christian businessmen have amassed a fortune of knowledge as well as wealth? Various backgrounds have drawn these successful Christian businessmen to God at various times in their lives and in various ways. Through their work, their primary goal in life is to help us with their knowledge and to draw each of us to Jesus and God by showing the way.

  1. Hal Taussig. As the successful owner of Untours, Hal has amassed and donated over 5 million dollars. His mission, as he stated, is to assist the poor and has provided positions to former welfare recipients. The company sought rental homes vs. hotels for clients while traveling. Hal is a true example of a successful Christian businessman.
  2. Larry Burkett. Born March 3, 1939, Larry joined Campus Crusade for Christ in as a financial counselor in 1973. In 1976, Larry left Campus Crusade for Christ to join Christian Financial Concepts (which merged with Crown Ministries, creating Crown Financial Ministries) where he served until his death 7/4/2003.
  3. Zig Ziglar. Born November 6, 1926 into a Christian family, Zig's grandmother prayed to God over his lifeless body at 10 days of age. He began his career in sales while maintaining a successful Christian businessmen attitude, excelling to second place in a field of over 5,000. Zig moved from sales to author, motivator and trainer and is still on the road doing Gods work.
  4. John Tesh. Born July 9, 1952 John had a passion for music at the young age of 6. This passion developed into playing piano and composing Christan as well as pop music. John currently works as a presenter for television and radio.
  5. Wendell Nordby. Wendell worked in construction before starting his own successful construction company in the North Bay area of CA in 1978. He now serves as president of the BMFUSA (Business Mens Fellowship).
  6. AC Green. Born October 4, 1963 AC converted to Christianity in his teenage years. AC retired from a successful basketball career to become owner of 3BA franchise and run youth camps promoting Christian values.
  7. Deepak Mahtani.  Though his families religious background was Hindi, Deepak was drawn to Christ by a friend after the death of his sister. In his own words, he prayed to his "gods" as well as Jesus. Jesus answered. Today Deepak is a successful Christian businessman who is a management consultant with a London based firm.
  8. Buck Jacobs. In 1973 Buck gave his life to Jesus . Buck served as Vice President and Board Director of the SH Mack Company. Buck is currently serving our Lord and Savior as founder and chairman of C12.
  9. Martin Luther King. Born January 15, 1929 as Michael Luther King, Martin co-pastored in the Ebenezer Baptist Church. In 1954 Martin was pastor at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church while being a member of the NAACP. King was the youngest man (age 35) to receive the Noble Peace Prize.
  10. Dr. James P Gills. In 1959 James received his degree from Duke University Medical Center. James is a surgeon, author and athlete who resides in FL. His writings include opthalmology related papers and books as well as Christian living books, where he teaches others to be successful Christian businessmen.
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