10 Successful Young Entrepreneurs

Are you trying to name 10 successful young entrepreneurs? Looking to where the young entrepreneurs started they all have one thing in common, they did what they loved and had the skills to do. Many have branched out into other venues such as mentoring and guiding others to do the same.

  1. Ashley Qualls. Ashley started developing free layouts for others on myspace.com at the age of 14 as a hobby. Ashley has refused numerous offers to sell her company, What Ever Life.
  2. Sean Belnick. Sean started his business as a child selling items on e-bay such as pokemon cards as well as other items. He launhced Biz Chair at age 14 selling a few business chairs.
  3. Matt Wegrzyn. Founder of bodis.com, a website to buy, sell and park domain names. Matt borrowed money from his father to purchase and sell his first domain.
  4. Alex Tew. Brain child of The Million Dollar Homepage, launched 8/26/2005 and auctioned 1/2006. Alex was looking to raise funds to continue his education in England he developed his page to sell pixels. The website was held for a ransom while being auctioned.
  5. Cameron Johnson. Author, speaker and developer of Millionaires Secrets and other successful business ventures. This young entrepreneur started his business at 9 years of age. Cameron began his first business making invitations, which spun into greeting cards. The Millionaires Secrets Website has free ideas on business ideas, business plans, etc.
  6. Alexander Levin. Image Shack. While chatting online he noticed the need for a separate storage space for personal images, etc.
  7. Mark Zuckerberg. From his Harvard dorm room, Mark launched the now wildly popular Facebook.com. The site was originally started as a local school website.
  8. Jermaine Griggs. A college student, he developed HearandPlay.com. The young entrepreneurs website teaches online music lessons for a variety of instruments.
  9. Matt Mickiewicz. Co-founder of SitePoint, made to assist others in their careers. As a young entrepreneur Matt has started other companies besides SitePoint such as 99designs and flippa.
  10. David Levich. David is another young entrepreneur who got his start on ebay.com. David sells hip hop jewelry which started on e-bay then progressed into his own site named icedoutgear.com.
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