10 Sunday Afternoon Date Ideas

Sunday afternoon is becoming an increasingly popular time for dates, as schedules get busier, and free time becomes harder to coordinate–here are ten Sunday afternoon date ideas.

  1. Brunch. Perfect for both a first date or a leisurely meal with a longtime significant other, a lazy Sunday brunch at your favorite restaurant is a perfect time to kick back and converse while piling on the pancakes, eggs Benedict and mimosas. Plan to linger over an early afternoon meal in lieu of lunch, and enjoy whatever the rest of the day may bring.
  2. Picnic. If the weather’s nice, there’s no time like a Sunday afternoon for a picnic in a local park. Or if you’re fortunate enough to live near one, at the beach. So either prepare a few simple dishes such as pasta salad, brownies, fried chicken and sandwiches, or head to your local supermarket or Whole Foods to pick up prepared sandwiches and sides. Don’t forget a picnic blanket, as well as some paper plates and plastic silverware, and you’re all set.
  3. Movie Marathon. Buy tickets to a matinee at the local movie theater, load up on a refillable large popcorn to share, and grab sodas. Pick your favorite movie, and when it’s over, buy tickets to a second flick. Make a whole afternoon of it! A three-movie marathon, where each of you picks one and you agree on a third, is ideal, and it opens up the door for lots of cuddling in the dark!
  4. Tourist in Your Own City. Put together a "staycation" in which you see your city – or the surrounding areas – like a tourist visiting for the first time. Check out the local convention and visitors bureau. Or if you live in or near a big city, check out a guidebook from the local library. Grab a camera and head out to hit all the hot tourist spots in your own backyard.
  5. Cooks in the Kitchen. Invite her over for a day of cooking. Start the afternoon off by pouring over cookbooks (or internet cooking sites), then head to the grocery store together to pick up the ingredients. Mixing it up in the kitchen can get romantic, so don’t be in a rush to get to the main course. Finish the day off with a candlelit meal you’ve prepared yourselves.
  6. DVD Day. Some shows are almost meant to be viewed on DVD, after the season is over. Pick a series you both want to see and spend the day catching up on episodes from the beginning. Some popular choices include "Lost," "24," "The Tudors," "Flight of the Conchords" and "Six Feet Under."
  7. Kid at Heart. Start an afternoon of childhood fun with a trip to the candy store (or simply the candy aisle at your local drug store), then continue on to your local roller rink. Spend the afternoon making like middle schoolers . . . which might even mean a make-out session under the roller rink disco ball!
  8. Gamer. Take your girl to the local video arcade and challenge her to some head-to-head combat in your favorite video games, both old-school (Pac-Man anyone?) and new!
  9. Tour of Restaurant Row. Most cities and towns have a strip of popular restaurants that compete against each other. Choose your favorite restaurant hot spot, and make an afternoon out of trying half a dozen of them. Start with appetizers at one, then move on to salads at the next. Pause for cocktails at a third, then a main course at a fourth, followed by dessert at a fifth, and after dinner drinks at lucky number six.
  10. Dress for Success. Perfect for a couple who’s been dating for a little while, spend an afternoon at the mall. Your mission: to dress your partner for under $30. That means hitting the sale racks at all your favorite stores and hamming it up (perhaps paving the way for a little dressing room hanky-panky too) all in search for the perfect outfit. The winner buys dinner–wearing the outfit chosen for him/her.
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