10 Super Muscle Cars

A list of the ten super muscle cars may be up for debate but a handful of cars meet most folk's standards of a super muscle car. After the auto industry's move to cars with higher gas mileage and reduced performance, super muscle cars fell on harder times. Several more modern classic cars introduced over the last five years also make the ten super muscle car list. 

  1. Any Pontiac GTO. The Pontiac Division of General Motors is a thing of the past, but the GTO car, sometimes called "The Goat,"  remains a classic, super muscle car. The first model rolled off the assembly lines in 1964 and production continued through 1974. The muscle car made a comeback in 2004 with a two-door coupe and rear-wheel drive. The GTO was retired a second, and final time, in 2006. The last reincarnation featured a V-8 with 350 horsepower and the last year of production introduced the muscle-bound V-8 with a 6.0-liter engine. 
  2. 1967 Chevrolet SS Camaro. The earliest model SS Camaro offers muscle in an optional V-8 with 6.5 Liters that allowed both speed and power. The design only last two years making this a classic super muscle car. 
  3. 1969 Boss 429 Mustang. This pony car could muscle. It had more power than other models and this added cost to the original price. The handmade Boss was a smaller model than later years and was designed for NASCAR competitions, as well as street use. The Hemi and the size of the engine takes up the entire engine cavity.
  4. 2010 Chevrolet Camaro. The muscle car Camaro is still in production as of 2010. The basic model for 2010 offers an upgrade to a V-8 6.2 liter engine, called the SS model. This model cranks up at 440 horsepower. The two-door coupe won best sports coupe designation by several motor magazines in 2010. 
  5. Pontiac Firebird. Another Pontiac-made muscle car on the top super car list, this model offers the basic model was powered by a V-6 with 165 horsepower, but the "Spirt Model" cranked the horsepower up to 215. The optimum model, however, was the V-8 for a muscle car status. 
  6. 1969  Dodge Charger 500. Introduced in 1964, the Charger morphed into a super car by 1969. The Charger 500 met NASCAR rules and the rear spoiler added stability at high speed. 
  7. 1970 Mach 1 428 Mustang. Another running pony car with muscle, only this time with a Mach 1 performance style. The car model was produced until 1979 and then disappeared for a restyling. The term Mach 1 comes from the Ford concept car featured in the 1959 auto show and actually incorporated an air cushion. The car is easily identified by the fastback body and the hood pins, many times with hood locks. 
  8. 1971 Plymouth Convertible Hemi Barracuda. This muscle car, known as the Hemi Cuda, ranks on the top ten list due to the 426 Hemi and the convertible styling. The first model rolled off the production line in 1964 and the run ended in 1974, but this model with the fastback body leads the list of muscle cars. This car is easily recognized by the four headlight configuration and the chrome gills on the fenders. 
  9. 1970 GTX Plymouth. The Plymouth company made only 350 of these muscle cars equipped with a four speed and a V-6. The GTX styling offered a convertible or hardtop option as well as the standard two doors and flashy dashboard styling. The power included a standard a 440cc V-8 that could be upgraded to add a Hemi. This was the high point for the model that was discontinued in 1971.
  10. 1969 AMC AMX. The American Motors Corporation, known as AMC, produced this car that makes the list of the ten super muscle cars. This two seater had the feel of a true sports car but also offered a V-8 on a high-compressional engine block. The model shifted to a four seater in 1971 and the styling slipped in the muscle car ranking. 

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