10 Surfing Trick Tips

You can’t go wrong on the beaches with these 10 surfing trick tips. There are tips that will be useful for everyone and that apply to both basic and more advanced moves. Get out there and practice with these trick tips. 

  1. Use the wave as a ramp for frontside airs. Perfect this basic surfing trick by riding up the wave like a ramp instead of ollieing off. Build up speed on a wave that’s about to finish and position yourself toward where it’s going to break. Put force on the tail of the board to enter the air at the end of your ramp.
  2. Start your frontside cutback once you hit the wave. Optimize how many hits you can make on the wave face by turning as soon as you reach the wave flat. When you hit it, put your weight on your heel side rail to start cutting. Twist your body in the direction your turning, creating a half moon cut while keeping your weight on your back foot.
  3. Shift your weight on the lip to float with ease. Take advantage of frontside floaters at the end of a wave by shifting your weight to your heel when you hit the curling lip. Think about ollieing down the wave face when you start losing momentum. Turn and position your board so that it’s flat on the wave face. Make sure to keep your knees bent.
  4. Watch your arm position on a frontside wave. When you’re pumping a frontside wave, put pressure on your toe side rail with your board facing the wave. While you’re heading up, keep your back arm bent at a 90-degree angle for better control. You can now turn down the wave by leaning on your heel side rail.
  5. Learn backside airs with steep waves. Steep beach breaks are ideal when you want to learn how to do a backside air. Get on your feet quickly and pump up the vertical wave. Keep your knees bent right before the jump. At the top, use your front foot to maneuver yourself down the wave.
  6. Ride high for more speed. Whether you want to pick up speed on a frontside or backside wave, just remember to ride high. For the difficult backside waves, pump when you hit the top by putting pressure on the toe side of the front foot while bending your knees. Drive back up when you reach the middle with pressure on the heel side. Pump various times for more speed.
  7. Your arm is crucial for laybacks. When you start your layback, ideally halfway up the wave, insert your back arm into the water. It’ll act as your control point while you push hard on your back foot during your turn. At the end of the turn, salvage your board by pulling it back under your body using your feet and bending your knees.
  8. Distribute your weight evenly when doing a bottom turn. Ride down a frontside wave and turn by leaning on your toe side when the water’s flat. While turning, balance your weight between your front and back foot and keep your knees bent. Then, use your back foot and leg to get you back up the wave as fast as possible.
  9. Focus on the foam for your frontside carving 360. Go up the frontside of the wave as hard as possible while focusing on where the foam of the water and the wave face connect. At the top, your board will be past vertical. Lean into your back foot more when you hit the foam section so that your board spins more for the return. Point your nose toward the beach to land properly.
  10. Rotate your shoulders in a backside re-entry. In this basic move, rotate your shoulders such that your upper body faces the lip. Keep your knees bent as you drive right up the wave from your bottom turn. Turn your shoulder toward the beach when your board is slightly above the lip so that your board turns. Land with your knees, switching your weight to your back foot.
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