10 Swedish Erotic Films

Chill out with this list of 10 Swedish erotic films. Here, you can find good movies where anything is possible once you’re naked. Sweden has a different touch when it comes to sexual depictions. Swedes always try to show a plot with dramatic and irreverent style, along with erotic scenes to keep audiences cool.

  1. “I’m Curious, Yellow” This one is a whole different structure of erotic film. It's not your conventional get-down-to-bed movie. It was such a hit in Sweden, that a sequel, “I’m Curious, Blue”, was made. So, if you want to watch something totally outrageous, check this out.
  2. “Exponerad” This erotic movie was directed by Gustav Wiklund, who is also a prolific writer. He went for a plot that is driven by blackmail and suspense in this film. The result is a great combination of exploitation, style, and Swedish settings.
  3. “Swedish Wildcats” Sometimes, for an erotic movie, things can go really well. Only sex scenes can’t provide entire entertainment for men. Well, it has good acting, and you can stay interested about the plot. That is something rare for its genre, a hard to find jewel indeed.
  4. “The Silence” Two sisters completely opposed in personalities find themselves in a place were language is an impediment. Several problems arise as the film unfolds. It doesn’t have a sex driven plot, but the erotic scenes are not to ignore.
  5. “They Call Us Misfits” This film is the first part of a trilogy directed by Stefan Jarl. The tone used for adult relationships in this film is quite unexpected. This film can be better defined as a documentary of the lives of two teenagers. Many viewers consider it a street culture film.
  6. “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” Inspired on the book of the same name, this Swedish film features an erotic hue in many of its scenes. Based on a hugely successful book and the movie, the two other books in the trilogy have been adapted as well with an American adaptation also in production.
  7. “Sweden Heaven and Hell” This Swedish erotic films is a must-see classic. This is definitely a gem to watch. In a documentary style, this film features the sexual activities of Swedes, who always find excuses to get naked. The sex caliber of this film cannot be compared with any of its predecessors.
  8. “Thriller, A Cruel Picture” Have you ever thought about what was Tarantino’s inspiration for the movie “Kill Bill.” Well, look no further. One of his major inspirations is in front of your very eyes. The plot is about a woman getting revenge on those who have wronged her, in a very erotic setting no less.
  9. “Anita, Swedish Nymphet” Prepare to drool your shirt away with this awesome Swedish erotic film. A sad girl looks endlessly for love and recognition, but ends up being a nymphomaniac. Nothing else to say here guys.
  10. “The Seduction Of Inga” It's a widely classic hit in Europe. Sweden stepped into the erotic film industry with this movie that became a pop culture reference over time. Teenage dreams turn out to be sexier than you can imagine.
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