10 Sweet Pickup Lines

A list of 10 sweet pick up lines can certainly come in handy. Why do guys resort to pickup lines? Because sometimes they are at a loss for words; and, believe it or not, these pickup lines really do work. Well, at least some of the time. So the next time you are faced with some beauty and are feeling a little tongue tied, try one of these sweet pick up lines. Who knows they may just work, or she may throw her drink in your face. Either way, you are going to have a sweet story to tell. 

  1. “Are you a bee? Then I will be your honey.” On the surface, this sweet pick up line sounds like a groaner, but keep in mind, it really is all about delivery. If you are honest to goodness sincere, then she will not know want to think, which makes you kind of intriguing. 
  2. “Your eyes are more blue than any one of the seven seas, and I am definitely sea sick.”  This shamelessly corny, but sweet, pick up line really only works if she has blue eyes. But if you want to have some real fun, try it on a brown eyed girl.
  3. “I want you to have my kids.  You can pick them up after school.” This pick up line works because it is both cheesy and humorous. You start out sounding really corny, but save it with a joke. 
  4. “Heavens loss my gain.” Only a certain kind of guy can deliver this line. So, unless you have big guns and an even bigger stick, steer clear. 
  5. “I hope you have a large vagina because I have a very small penis.” There is no reason why this pick up line should work, none at all. Still, for some reason, there is a woman out there who will laugh and then want to see how small your penis really is. It is all about setting low expectations. 
  6. “Are those things fake? Or Real?” Okay, so this pick up line is not so sweet and it will probably get you slapped by ninety percent of the women out there. But that still leaves about ten percent who it will work on. 
  7. “My heart just skipped a beat.” All jokes aside, this pick up line has a chance of working on the right woman. Just be sincere, and deliver it with a dead panned straight face. 
  8.  “I’m rich, impotent, and on my death bed.  Will you marry me?” Either she will be able to tell that you are joking, and appreciate the laugh. Or, she is a gullible airhead who is easy to get into bed. Win.  Win. 
  9.  “I want to have sex with you.” Women appreciate when you state your true intentions. So do not beat around the bush. Come right out and tell her what you want.  She may like it, she may not; but at least you did not waste your time. 
  10.  “Hello.  It is nice to meet you.  What is your name?” This one is guaranteed to at least get you to learn her name.  It might not be creative, she may not remember yours, but at least it is a start. 
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