10 Sweet Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

Here are 10 sweet things to do for your girlfriend. Finding something sweet to do for your girlfriend can be a simple or as complex as you choose to make. Whether you are in trouble or just want to see her smile, its all about finding out what she loves and why. Depending on how long you've been with her, deciding what to do can be very personal like an inside joke or just nice in general.

  1. Flowers. No matter what she may say, all girls appreciate flowers. Now, depending on how you choose to give her the flowers is what will make it important. You can be subtle by leaving a single stem laying someplace she least expects it. For example, if she has to go to work one day, sneak in a rose in her purse before she leaves.
  2. Just Because. Leave her a little note somewhere. If you go to work before she does, leave a note on the table telling her that you hope she has a good day. Its simple and will remind her that you are thinking about her.
  3. Silently Volunteer your services. If you know that she is going to be working on cleaning something, don't ask if she needs help. Just get up and start doing it. Helping her out is sweet and shows that you care about what she cares about.
  4. Breakfast in bed. This is a classic sweet move for anyone. Find a day where she gets to sleep in and serve her breakfast in bed. If you are absolutely terrible at cooking, then pick up some bagels and coffee from a local shop and bring those to her.
  5. Surprises. Find a day where she doesn't have too much planned and let her know that you will be needing her that entire day. Don't tell her why and just take her somewhere fun. Do something fun with her. Take her to a paint ball range, on a picnic, to a local farmer's market, a pottery class. It could be anything. Surprises are a fun way to keep the ball in your court and at the same time letting her know that you want to do fun things with her.
  6. The Sound of Music. You don't have to be a musician to write her a little song. Take the lyrics from one of her favorite songs and change them to make a song about you and her and the reasons why you care about her so much.
  7. Make Her Dreams Come True. You may not have the ability to make her become a professional actress and famous fashion designer, but you can subtly encourage her to sign up for acting classes or give her a book about fashion designs.
  8. Take Her to Her Favorite Restaurant. With one exception, have a table already reserved for you both. Don't tell her that you've reserved the table, just smoothly walk into the restaurant and tell the hostess that you are there for your reservation. It shows that you thought ahead enough to do something sweet AND responsible.
  9. Get Her Something She Has Always Wanted. There is always something that a girl has been drooling over for quite some time. Whether its a pair of designer dreams or a piece of jewelry, if you can, get it for her. Not only will it make for a great gift, but it will show that you listen to her when she talks about the things she wants.
  10. Spending Quality Time Together. Its easy to fall into a routine everyday. Especially when you end the day with watching TV and spacing out on the couch. Instead, record the shows you like watching together and play a board game! Its sounds lame, but showing her that you don't want to just spend your evenings with her in front of a couch is very sweet.
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