10 Sweet Things To Tell Your Girlfriend

Any Casanova worth his salt can tell you at least 10 sweet things to tell your girlfriend. Women love to hear sweet nothings whispered in their ear and whether you are on a first date trying to have fun or attempting to get a hot babe into your bed, sweet things will help you achieve your aim. There are many things that guys say that offend girls because they are too crude but masters of seduction find the balance between directness and sweetness. Here are the best sweet things to tell your girlfriend. 

  1. "I love you." It is a sweet thing to tell your girlfriend that you love her from time to time. Many men forget to do this which is why their are so many hot women without boyfriends. Do not join the ranks of the single guys by forgetting to use this line.
  2. "You complete me." This line comes from the movie "Jerry Maguire" and women love it. Tell any girl that she completes you and she will think that it is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to her. It is even better if you use hand signs when telling her.
  3. "You are the most beautiful girl in the world." You would be surprised how many girls hear this and actually believe it. Chances are that your girlfriend is not among the hottest women on Earth but making her feel as though she is ranks among the 10 sweetest things to tell your girlfriend.
  4. "I was lost before I knew you but now I am found." This line will really get her thinking about her importance in your life. It is such a sweet thing to tell a girl that she transformed your life and most girls will reward such statements with increased sexual privileges.
  5. "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" Comparing your girlfriend to an angel is about as sweet as you can get. She may not have wings, a halo or even be that angelic but she will have a higher opinion of you when you use lines like this one. 
  6.  "You are my universe." OK so it's not enough that she fell from Heaven but she is the whole universe to you. How sweet is that ? It should prevent her from straying because she will be too afraid of your universe imploding if you are left alone.
  7.  "I would do anything for love, and I would do that too." It doesn't matter what the subject matter is because you just made yourself look better than Meatloaf who stated that he would "Not do that" in his famous love song. With a name like Meatloaf you know he has seen some action but he is nowhere near as sweet as you.
  8.  "I want to grow old with you." This is a really sweet thing to tell your girlfriend because it shows a level of commitment beyond the immediate chance of sexual gratification. By declaring your desire to grow old together you are suggesting that you will never tire of her which is pretty sweet.
  9.  "You are the light of my life." Your world was a dark lonely place until your girlfriend came along so let her know that. Lines that make girls feel like their mere existence brightens up your day are among the sweetest things to tell your girlfriend.
  10. "Nothing can divide us." Rick Astley used this line in a terrible 80's pop song which you have to hope your girlfriend never heard. If she did you are screwed. If she didn't then she will give you a big kiss because it is a really sweet thing to tell her.
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