10 Sweetest Ways To Ask Out A Girl

By using the 10 sweetest ways to ask out a girl, you may be able to save yourself some heartbreak and rejection. The truth is, even the most confident of men may feel awkward or embarrassed when asking out a girl for the first time. Although no method is guaranteed to work, when you put in the extra effort to make your invitation memorable, the girl you like is more likely to say yes. Let the following sweet suggestions be your guide to getting lucky in romance.

  1. Say it with a poem. Some of the sweetest and most romantic words have already been written so take advantage of them. Look up a sweet poem online that expresses how you feel or create a clever poem yourself that tells a girl you are interested without coming on too strong.
  2. Use social networking. Online social networks and video sharing sites allow you to get resourceful but still offer one of the sweetest ways to ask out a girl. You can send a short funny message or create a mini video set to music. 
  3. Impress with flowers. Classics never go out of style! Sending flowers is an effortless way of making a girl feel special and also boosts her mood, making her more likely to go out with you. To really make a sweet impression, have the flowers delivered and sign the card with a cute or funny quote that will keep you on her mind.
  4. Keep it simple. The sweetest gestures do not have to be grand to be noticed. Send a simple red rose or an exotic orchid and sign the card with a straightforward invitation to dinner.
  5. Send a treat. If you want a girl to see you as sweet, why not send her some! Gourmet chocolates, cookies, wines and other edible products will satisfy her sweet tooth and have her wanting to take a bite out of you! Personalizing the treats with a message is also one of the sweetest ways to ask out a girl. 
  6. Show you have been listening. Nothing is more attractive to a girl then realizing a guy is actually listening when she talks. Use the information she tells you to get her tickets to a play she has been hinting she wants to see or a concert featuring her favorite singer and invite her to come along as your date.
  7. Make her laugh. There is a reason why comedians are always seen with beautiful women on their arms, they know how to make women laugh, thereby putting them at ease. No, you don’t have to copy lines from comedy specials to get the girl you like, but women will respond to a guy who is confident enough to make a joke at his own expense or just be witty or clever when the situation calls for it.
  8. Get her entertained. A simple and sweet way to ask out a girl is to blow up balloons in a variety of different colors and fill each with a scrap of paper containing a different date idea. Then get her to participate and pop a single balloon to reveal the prize inside.
  9. Hide your request. One of the sweetest ways to ask out a girl is to surprise her with a hidden invitation. Write out a charming invitation then cleverly wrap it and hide it in a slice of cake, a fortune cookie, ice cream, ice cube or other food item.
  10. Leave a message on her doorstep. You can drop off an invitation at the door of a girl’s house, but to really make an impression, go with a grand gesture. For instance, one sweet way to ask out a girl is to leave a treasure map to a special date destination on her doorstep. Use lots of bold colors and graphics to keep her intrigued and don’t forget to include the date and time that she should arrive. 
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