10 Swim Drills For Men

These 10 swim drills for men may not take you to the Olympic games, but they are sure to get you in good shape. Swimming is exercise considered easy on the joints due to no contact between the body and hard surfaces. The resistance of the water and the movement of the body alone increases endurance and strength. Consult with a doctor before beginning training and always work with a professional swim coach.

  1. Float and breathe. The first swim drill for men is to float on the stomach and practice the head turn breathing technique. Float with arms strait out, turning head on every count of four done silently to breathe.
  2. Kick board laps. Males sometimes lack in the buttocks area. This swim drill for men will increase the muscles plus build endurance. Hold a kick board out in front and use only the legs in a freestyle kick motion to propel you up and down the lengths of the pool.
  3. Drop and up. Increase shoulder and arm strength while building lung capacity doing this swim drill for men. Jump into the water and let the body sink down. Propel yourself to the surface using only the arms in a side-fanning motion. Keep the arms straight at all times.
  4. Body drag. This swim drill for men requires you to use only your arms to go back and forth across the pool. The leg drag will increase the resistance and build arm and shoulder muscles.
  5. Side push. This swim drill for men requires you to hang onto the side of the pool with feet firmly planted under the water on the edge. In one motion, push as hard as possible with the legs, propelling yourself back into the water. Repeat multiple times.
  6. Switch up. A swim drill for men that works all muscles is done by changing the swim stroke on each lap of the pool. Start with freestyle, switch to backstroke, then butterfly.
  7. Roll-overs. This swim drill for men requires the males to switch back and forth between backstroke and freestyle in a single stroke. It creates a rolling motion and gives an aerobic type workout by working on the breathing. Consult with a coach for proper technique.
  8. Rescue drag. This swim drill for men requires a partner. One swimmer grasps the other in a rescue position and drags them a full length of the pool. They then switch.
  9. The Bob. Men are naturally less buoyant then most women. A good swim drill for men is simply practicing floating on the back, stomach and side.
  10. Fetch. The final swim drill for men is to throw items in the pool to retrieve. Jump from the side of the pool, or start in the water and bring the objects to the side of the pool after fetching them.
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