10 Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

If you own a pool or are even considering buying one, you need to learn about 10 swimming pool maintenance tips so that you have the best knowledge on keeping your pool in tip top shape. While swimming pools can be a joy to own, they can also be a hassle to maintain and if you don't have the right information you can end up doing more work and having less fun. Here are 10 swimming pool maintenance tips.

  1. Test the water. Test your water daily or at least every other day by using a chemical test kit. This will let you know as soon as possible how your water is doing and what needs to be added to ensure clean and safe water to swim in.
  2. Vacuum regularly. The bottom of your pool can get dirty very fast. Dirt and algae will sink to the bottom and cause your pool to be slippery and unsightly. Use a vacuum when needed or invest in an automatic vacuum cleaner for larger pools.
  3. Clean the filter. A filter can become clogged and dirty within a day or even a few hours; especially in pools that are near trees with falling leaves. If your filter is clogged then it not only can't do its job properly but you run the risk of your equipment breaking because there is no water running through the pump.
  4. Add chemicals as needed. Once you test your water and see what chemicals are needed (chlorine, etc) you need to add them as soon as possible so that the situation does not get worse.
  5. Watch water level. A low water level can cause damage to your equipment because the water won't flow through the pump and filter if it is too low. Be sure to add more water as needed and check the chemicals again when you add new water.
  6. Scoop up debris. Use a net to scoop up larger debris such as fallen leaves. These can clog up your filter and cause your water to get dirty faster.
  7. Purchase maintenance materials. A test kit, chemicals, a vacuum and net are just a few of the items you need to have available in order to keep your pool clean and enjoyable. Always have these items at your disposal instead of waiting till you need them.
  8. Do repairs as soon as possible. Any repairs that you find should be done in a timely manner so that they do not get worse. If it is a repair you can't handle then call a professional.
  9. Brush walls. Keep the walls clean by using a brush to remove any algae or discoloration. This will keep your pool cleaner and looking prettier.
  10. Clean skimmer and motor catch baskets. These can become clogged with debris such as leaves and even bugs. Clean them regularly to ensure a healthy pool.

If you follow all of these swimming pool maintenance tips you'll have a much nicer, cleaner and more enjoyable swimming pool to enjoy all summer long.

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