10 Swimming Safety Tips

Are you looking for 10 swimming safety tips? If you are, this article will be most helpful! This article contains the top 10 swimming safety tips to keep you safe in the water, so you can have fun and fabulous time in the water! Swimming is a great hobby for relaxing and getting rid of stress and it's also a great exercise to keep your body in tip top shape. Either way, when you are in the water, you should always follow some precautions.

  1. Know what deep the water is. This is a very important safety tip for swimming so that you don't get caught off guard. Many people can swim in shallow water where they can always put their feet down if need be, however if you are in deeper water, your feet may not reach to the bottom. If you know how deep the water is before hand, you will know how far out you need to go.
  2. Always have someone with you, you let someone know you will be in the water. It's always a safe precaution to let someone know if you will be swimming or in water, just in case of emergency. If you don't respond to someone calling for you, they will know where you should be. If you can have someone there with you while swimming, especially if you are outdoors, it's always a safer deal.
  3. Try not to chew gum or eat while swimming. Even if you think gum is harmless, all it takes is one slip, fall or push and you could choke on that tiny piece of gum. If you want to eat a bite of food or need to chew gum, be sure to get out and take a small break from swimming.
  4. Never swim drunk. Be very cautious about being alcohol while swimming. Being intoxicated and swimming do not go together. If you are at a party, try not to drink anything over a beer, the legal limit. One slip up and you could be in danger.
  5. Never attempt to swim by yourself, if you don't know how. A fatal mistake some people make is trying to teach themselves how to swim without anyone present. This is a very bad idea. If you want to learn to swim, take classes or get a friend to teach you.
  6. If you are caught in a current, swim sideways. This is another swimming safety tip that can save lives. Currents and undertow can pull you into waves and the way of the water. If there ever happens, you should swim sideways to fight the current. Eventually you will come to land.
  7. Never dive into shallow water. If you want to dive, make sure that the water is deep enough to break the fall. There have been too many fatal accidents of swimmers diving into shallow waters. You can hit your head, break limbs, or even break your spine if you attempt to dive into shallow water.
  8. Try to not swim in rivers or lakes. If you are at the river or lake and want to go over a quick swim, you may want to think twice. There may be contaminated water, snakes, and other creatures in the water that are hazardous.
  9. Try not to push, shove or horseplay in the pool. If you are swimming with friends, try not to get too playful and hit, push or shove anyone. This can lead to fatal accidents. It's best to keep a light fun vibe, but not a wrestling match.
  10. Never run near your swimming pool. If you are swimming in an in-ground pool, or a pool with a deck, never run near the pool. All it takes is one slip and fall to create a fatal accident. This is one of the most important swimming safety tips to improvise.
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