10 Sympathy Gift Ideas

It's a struggle when someone suffers a loss or another major crisis and finding 10 sympathy gift ideas for a friend or family member in need can be helpful. A sympathy gift can make the suffering less severe and make the recipient's day a little bit brighter. There are many sympathy gift ideas you can try starting with giving someone your time and inexpensive gifts.

  1. Flowers. Flowers are bright, colorful and fragrant and will lift a person's spirit. You don't have to spend a large amount of money to say what you mean. You can purchase inexpensive white carnations a sympathy gift for your friend or loved one. Carnations are not only inexpensive, they last for a long period of time.
  2. Teddy bears. Teddy bears provide comfort and remind the sufferer of a time when life was simple. Consider buying a teddy bear for the recipient since using the bear for comfort may minimize some of the sorrow.   
  3. Prepare a meal and deliver it. When tragedies happen, it is difficult to think about cooking and the affected person may want to stay in bed and eat junk food. If you are unable to cook, consider purchasing a meal and deliver the food yourself.
  4. Journal and pen. Writing in a journal is a great way to express emotions and will help the healing process. You can buy a blank journal or a fill-in-the-blank journal instead.
  5. A gift basket filled with candles, soaps or food. Scented candles in the home may lighten the environment and make it more pleasing. Give pampering gifts with some great soaps, bubble baths and items such as bath salt so your loved one can relax.
  6. A memory pendant. These items are available at most jewelry stores and the pendant can be personalized with a poem or the departed one's name or favorite quote. 
  7. Plant a tree in honor of the lost loved one. You may have to obtain permission if you want to plant the tree in a public area. Instead of choosing a local park or garden, ask the individual if you can plant the tree in their yard and have a tree planting ceremony. Add an engrave plaque to the tree site.
  8. Select a tea or cookie basket. Choose calming teas with ginger or chamomile, which relieve stress and anxiety. Add their favorite cookies and add some quotes that would provide comfort. Online websites provide an abundance of sympathy quotes. Find some you like and print them on nice paper stock.
  9. If the person donates to charity, why not give a charitable donation on their behalf? The donation will fund a worthy cause whether it is for medical research or feeding the homeless. Find a charity that the person would appreciate.
  10. Spend time with the grieving person. It is free and the recipient will enjoy your company probably more so than any other sympathy gift you can give. Consider helping them around the house. Since, they may need help cleaning or doing other chores, the recipient will appreciate your help.
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