10 Tandem Skydive Safety Tips

Before covering the 10 tandem skydive safety tips, here are some interesting facts about skydiving. There are several interesting facts about skydiving which has a long history attached which dates back to 1485 when Leonardo Da Vinci sketched the prints for the very first parachute. A replica of Da Vinci’s parachute was used for a jump by Adrian Nicholas in 2000, and he had a successful landing. Skydiving can be a fun sport and with the proper training. The fatality rates are less than one percent as approximately two million jumps occur annually.

  1. Before a novice is allowed to jump alone, they must attend a period of training, such as practical where you will perform mock jumps and theoretical in the classroom. 
  2. A beginner is required to learn four basic sets of skills such as operating the parachute, safety, free falling, and how to land. 
  3. Beginner skydivers make their first jump in a tandem with a trained instructor. The student and the instructor are harnessed together with a harness and use a single chute. 
  4. Once you jump you can expect a jolt from the parachute when you open it which does not cause any pain. 
  5. The parachute controls can be used to direct you to a desired landing spot. If you rear off course, you will be able to steer yourself back on course. 
  6. When you come down to land, you should experience a soft landing as all you need do is your feet to step as you would off a pavement. 
  7. When you are going to do a tandem jump, you will note that there are various safety precautions and rules put in place which you need to adhere to. 
  8. The main parachute that you will be using is larger, and in addition you will have your drogue parachute, which is released by your instructor soon after you jumped, which basically slows the jump down. 
  9. Slowing the jump down, this will allow for you to follow instruction as there is no noise. You will also be able to enjoy the jump far more when it slows down and will not be so frightening, especially your first jump.
  10. Relax and have fun on the jump. Sky diving is going to be a memorable experience for you, and you want it to be a good one. being relaxed and ready for the jump makes the instructors job a whole lot easier, allowing him to focus on making your experience a good one!

Before you take on the sky solo without your instructor, you will need to do at least ten to fifteen jumps. Depending on the student you may require more jumps with your instructor before you are secure to jump on your own.

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