10 Tantric Sex Tips

At first learning these 10 tantric sex tips may seem difficult to understand but once the spiritual practice is understood, both partners can experience one of the best sexual encounters ever felt. The belief of tantric sex is to prolong the sensation for the purpose of enlightening both partners. Reaching orgasm is not necessarily as important as the arousal brought to the partner. Releasing the large orgasm is nice but these ten tantric sex tips will help both partners realize the smaller orgasmic joys are just as significant.

  1. Find the spot. One of the first techniques to learning tantric sex is to find an erotic zone on the other person's neck. This is the perfect location to  kiss and nibble bringing the partner to an erogenous state. Stimulate the neck to see if an orgasm can be reached before intercourse actually commences.
  2. Have the connection. Learning to breathe together and finding a connection is an important tantric sex tip. Having that special connection while making love can increase the passion and gives the couple energy.
  3. Share secrets. When practicing tantric sex tips, learn to share with the other person what special sex maneuvers are appreciated. Tell or show the partner how to do a particular move or touch. Sharing these little secret desires can enhance the passion and actual lovemaking. 
  4. Celebrate the spirituality. When using tantric sex tips for lovemaking, try to find a god or goddess to focus on. Imagine the qualities of the god or goddess, dress up like him or her and play out the role.
  5. Massage partner. One of the most passionate tantric sex tips is to learn erotic massage. Taking time to explore a partner's body with long slow massage movements. Make sure to have a firm yet gentle pressure when massaging to help relax and arouse partner.
  6. Read the words. When expressing feelings and romance to a partner during tantric sex, try reciting poetry. Read aloud to the other person romantic passages to evoke passion and desire.
  7. Share a vision. Some people use creativity during tantric sex and one way is to show partner a drawing or painting of how he or she is viewed. Draw a picture of the partner nude with important features found attractive as to emphasize desire.
  8. Keep focus. When beginning to learn tantric sex tips, remember to stay focused on the reason for this lovemaking session. Whether the focus on slow, methodical movements of massage or trying to channel energy from released orgasm back into the body, remain focused on goal.
  9. Give and receive. Learning to give and receive during tantric sex is crucial. Having the control to take it slow and build the anticipation will make the end result much more appreciated. 
  10. Find the place. When learning this new way of making love to a partner, remember to find spirituality. This is the basis of tantric sex and will make the experience more enjoyable for all involved. Since the main objective is to increase sexual energy through this powerful practice, each participating partner needs to find his or her spiritual place. 
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