10 Tattoo Date Ideas

There's no better way to commemorate a moment in time than by getting it permanently tattooed on your body, so here's our list of 10 tattoo date ideas. A date tattoo is the perfect way to take a moment in time and make it permanent, as well as to show off the date's particular significance. Whether a birth, death, anniversary or what have you, a date tattoo is classic and timeless, and will give you a reason to remember the event every time you look at it.

  1. Date and portrait. If the date you're looking to get tattooed is associated with a person of some sort, a date and portrait combo is a perfect tattoo idea. It could be your mom, your brother, your child or even your dog. Any way you want to cut it, a well-done portrait will give life to your date, making it more than just a set of numbers.
  2. The inner lip. You know this one: someone folds down his lip to reveal a hidden tattoo decorating the inside of his mouth. Yeah, it's a little weird, but it's a surefire conversation starter if the date in your tattoo is something you're really interested in talking about. You'll also probably have to explain why you got the inside of your lip tattooed in the first place.
  3. The huge date tattoo. Nothing makes a date tattoo more obvious than simply getting a huge date tattooed somewhere on your body. Plus, if you're looking for a constant reminder, this tattoo idea is one you can't miss. Who says there's anything wrong with being straightforward?
  4. The back of the neck. The back of the neck is always an elegant place for a tattoo, which makes it perfect for getting a date tattoo. It's subtle and the best possible way to represent something with simplicity and class. If you're not really the straightforward type, go for the back of the neck.
  5. A barcode. If you're getting your birthday tattooed, the barcode is the perfect way to represent your non-conformist attitude in an increasingly homogenous world. Birth dates fit perfectly in a UPC code, making this tattoo idea entirely subtle. Well-done barcode tattoos even scan, which is a pretty cool trick if you ask us.
  6. Roman numerals. The Roman numeral tattoo date is about as classy as it gets. These fit all over the body, but carry an extra air of class if they're on the back of the neck.
  7. The knuckles. As the badasses of all ages have known, tattoos across your knuckles look both tough and impressive. If you're a true man's man, the knuckles tattoo idea is for you. Commemorate an anniversary every time you punch someone in the face!
  8. A phrase and date. If you have a particular catch phrase associated with the date you want to tattoo, why not get both of them done together? Maybe it's a favorite quote from your dad, something expressing your love for your wife, or just an awesome phrase you came up with on a particular day.
  9. The wrist. The wrist is another one of those classy locations for a tattoo. What makes it an awesome tattoo idea for a date is that it's visibility proves a constant reminder to yourself. That is, unless you just never look at your wrists.
  10. Asian characters. Anything written in Asian characters is pretty damn trendy among folks these days, so you can't go wrong here. The only downfall to this is that you probably won't be able to read the date yourself, which could be a problem if you have trouble remembering dates.
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