10 Tattoo Ideas For Men



So, you want to etch something into your skin that will last for the rest of your life? Well, then these tattoo ideas are perfect for your endeavor! Besides, using the magic of science, you can just use a superpowered laser to sear what would have been an eternal mistake right off your body.

If you are looking for 10 tattoo ideas for men to express yourself, look no further. Tattoos are a fun way to show your artistic side without saying a word, not to mention a possible conversation starter.  There are so many designs to pick from to show your personality, whether you pick from the tattoo parlor's selection of tattoos or you design one yourself. But here are some specific ideas to play around with:

  1. If you are kind of a "bad boy" type, a tattoo idea for men is a snake. That kind of represents being a bad boy. 
  2.  A lion, and or tiger tattoo represents being tough.
  3.  A lot of men may think getting a butterfly tattoo is on the girly side.  But if you make your male butterfly tattoo a dragonfly, there is a whole new twist to your tattoo idea. That, and add some illusions to it, put an ocean scene, or a beautiful sunset into the tattoo.
  4.  Another tattoo idea to consider is looking up Chinese symbols.  Symbols that represent something you could design into a tattoo idea. Passion, happiness, love, heartbreaker, things like that. Those words will look a lot different made into a tattoo idea for men, and will have a distinct look. 
  5. Avoid getting tattoos on a whim for love while you are in a relationship, since tattoos are more difficult  to get rid of than to get.
  6. Rather then getting a male tattoo symbol, consider a male tattoo design instead. Let your creativity shine through. 
  7. Have a male tattoo design wrap around your upper arm (especially if you have some muscle).
  8. Get a chain tattoo design wrap around part of your wrist like a cuff.
  9. Another tattoo idea for men is to get 3-D lettering. Get a 3-D word or initials somewhere on your body and put a moon, eye, wings, or a design with in a design. This will definitely set your tattoo apart from any other male tattoos. 
  10. Keep in mind that male tattoo ideas are not just for the permanent needle parlors. Henna is another way to get a male tattoo.  This form of tattoo lasts for about a month or so and is pain-free.
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