10 Tax Tips For Dummies

These 10 tax tips for dummies will ensure that you get your information in on time and receive the proper return. So, even if you don’t consider yourself a dummy, read these tax tips anyway. You can never be too careful when dealing with the IRS.

  1. Find all your receipts and paperwork now, not on April 14. This way, you’ll be less likely to forget something important—like a W-2, for instance.

  2. Don’t wait until April 15 to prepare your taxes or have them prepared. You are less likely to run into a snag that will prevent you from filing your tax return on time. if that happens, there aren’t enough good tips for dummies and people who think they’re smart alike to save you the headache that’s going to cause you.

  3. Use a calculator, unless you’re a genius at math. Math errors are the most common of mistakes seen by the IRS. Again, good tips for dummies and people who think they’re smart alike will be of no help when you’re trying to explain to the IRS why your tax figures and theirs don’t match up.

  4. Make sure your name is spelled correctly on all the forms, even if you’re the one filling out your taxes. Hey, crazier things have happened.

  5. Sign your return. If the IRS has to send it back, you will be responsible for anything that happens as a result of the delay of getting your return processed. See tips one, two, and three if you need a reminder of how much tax tips for dummies will help you in a situation like this.

  6. Don’t forget postage. In fact, splurge a little and have the returns sent by certified mail-return receipt.

  7. Pay with a money order or certified check. It’s easier to trace, and there is less chance of someone getting your personal checking account information. Consider this one of the more important good tips for dummies and people who think they’re smart alike.

  8. Do not try to take more deductions than you are legally entitled to. You will get caught eventually.

  9. Don’t let Uncle Eddie fill out your return, unless he’s a certified tax preparer. If you feel that you can't do your taxes yourself, then have a professional handle them.

  10. Be sure to keep copies of everything you send to the IRS: W-2s, receipts, mileage records, everything. You never know when you might have to refer to it again.



Errors to Avoid at Tax Time 

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