10 Teenager Gift Ideas

If you need a gift idea for your teenager, try one of these 10 teenager gift ideas. Teenagers can be some of the most difficult people to buy presents for. Most teenagers enjoy any electronic item and some enjoy clothing. If you don't know what your teenager wants, just ask them. Here are ten teenager gift ideas:

  1. IPod. An iPod is an essential gift for a teenager. Even if they already own an iPod, such as an iPod classic, they might appreciate an iPod nano or an iPod touch. The key is to make sure the teenager doesn't already have the iPod you are considering.
  2. Sports equipment. If your teenager plays sports, they might like a gift that is too expensive for them to buy for themselves. For example, if your teenager snowboards, you could buy them a new snowboarding jacket. Make sure to include a gift receipt, so they can exchange it if they don't like it or it doesn't fit.
  3. Ski pass. If your teenager is into winter sports, he or she might like the gift of a mountain pass. Again, make sure the teenager does not already have one. Make sure that they would use the pass enough to be worth your money.
  4. DVDs. DVDs can be great, relatively inexpensive gifts for teenagers. Make sure you know what your teenager likes to watch. Get them a DVD or get them an entire series.
  5. Sports tickets. If your teenager is a sports enthusiast, you can get them sports tickets as a gift.  Make sure to get two tickets so that the teenager can bring a friend. Teenagers don't often like to go places alone.
  6. Concert tickets. Again, make sure to buy more than one ticket. Concert tickets can be an easy gift that will be popular with your teenager. Just make sure that your teenager is really into the artist or band and that they will still like it on the date of the concert.
  7. Clothing. Clothing can be a very difficult item to buy for teens. Clothing as a gift is best if your teenager has listed a specific item. You should also make sure that you know the teen's size. This is especially true if you are buying clothing for a teenage girl as the wrong size could be very offensive.
  8. Hobbies. If your teenager has a specific hobby, it is okay to buy them a gift related to that hobby. For example, if your teenager is an artist, you could buy them some art supplies. Just make sure you know what they need (e.g. paintbrushes) and where to get them.
  9. Gift Card. Don't think that a gift card is too impersonal when buying gifts for teenagers. Often times, no matter what you pick for a teenager, it is going to be "wrong." If you give them a gift card, they can decide what to buy for themselves. Just make sure you get them a gift card from a store they currently like.
  10. Money. If all else fails, give your teenager money. While money might not be an appropriate gift for older people, teenagers will not object to the gift of money. In fact, if you know a particularly difficult teen, money might be the best gift.
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