10 Ten Pin Bowling Tips

The best 10 ten pin bowling tips can help the novice bowler improve and enjoy the game. It takes time and patience to apply any ten pin bowling tips and get them right. Spend some time at your favorite alley getting the top ten ten pin bowling tips perfected.

  1. Approaching the line. When you watch bowlers on television, you will see them slide as they release the ball. One of the top ten ten pin bowling tips that will help you get this right is to practice approaching the line. Start by standing with your toes even with the foul line, and then take three steps back. Practice sliding by getting into a rhythm. As you take your steps forward count off one and two. On the count of three you should slide. Practice this slowly until you get it right.
  2. Balance. In order to achieve balance when bowling your shoulders should be perpendicular to the floor throughout the entire motion. Your chin should always follow the knee on your sliding leg.
  3. Lane cues. Finding your groove on a lane is one of the more difficult of the ten pin bowling tips. Use the arrows on the lane to help line yourself up for a good throw. Experiment for a frame or two to find the right arrow alignment, and then throw a strike.
  4. Head pin. If you hit the head pin square on then, more often or not, you will be left with a split. The head pin is known as the one pin. To get a strike, your first impact needs to be between the one pin and the two pin, or between the one pin and the three pin.
  5. Tempo. Throwing hard will cause problems with your back and arms over time. Save yourself the pain and get used to getting into a nice and easy tempo when you are ten pin bowling.
  6. Line of sight. When you work on your bowling motion, remember to keep your back straight and your eyes focused on where you want the ball to hit. Do not look down at the alley when in your motion to help prevent injury and get the ball to go where you want it to.
  7. Ball weight. You do not need to use an especially heavy ball to get the results you want in bowling. Find a ball that is light enough for you to throw comfortably which means being able to bring it back and then forward while still under control.
  8. Warm up. Always stretch before bowling to prevent pulling any muscles. Stretch the muscles in your shoulders, legs and arms. Take a few practice throws before the game begins if the alley management will allow it.
  9. Courtesy. Courteous bowlers allow people to bowl in order. When you approach the line, stand back and allow the people on your left and right that are already at the line to throw their ball. Do not create a race to see who can throw first. Everyone will get their turn.
  10. Picking up spares. Never be afraid to try and pick up a spare that seems adventurous. You will never be able to pick up a 7-10 split until you start practicing them. Remember to use the pins to pick up spares. Bouncing pins off the alley walls is the best way to pick up those difficult spares.
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