10 Themed Restaurants In NYC

They are popping up all over the country but, here are 10 themed restaurants in NYC. There are many places where you can go to not only get a good meal, but an experience as well. Themed restaurants come in all shapes and sizes.

  1. Ninja New York. This Japanese theme restaurant is built  to look like a Ninja castle. The owners would like to transport you to a Ninja castle during the feudal days. The whole restaurant is laid out like a maze with contraptions set up throughout to trick the patrons eyes into believing they are seeing things.
  2. Vynl. Decorated with vynl records and disco balls this is a fun diner for the whole family. With typical home cooking diner fair,  the menus are record labels, and  the bathrooms are even themed. You can use the restroom with Elvis. Dolly Parton, Nelly, or even Cher.
  3. Park Avenue Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn. This interesting restaurant changes is decor and menu for each season. If you miss a season you will have to wait for that time of year to come around again before you can try it, because when the seasons change so does Park Avenue.
  4. Mars 2112. If you feel like spending an evening on a different planet, this is the place to go.  There is even a three story crystal tree with a glass canopy. If you look through it you can see the sky above Mars and the Earth far in the distance. The menu includes a wide range of choices for both adults and children.
  5. Hawaiian Tropic Zone. Pretty girls in bikinis as waitresses don't make for a great family restaurant, but a bunch of guys will love this place. The menu is typical American food with sandwiches and burgers, but they have some kind of twist to them to make them interesting.
  6. Le Cirque. Feel like going to the circus? Le Cirque has been in business for over 36 years. They recently opened a new restaurant on East 58th street with a modern take on a circus theme. The ceiling is a dome with "big top" light shades. This upscale dining experience has both a regular dinner menu and a cafe menu.
  7. Gramercy Tavern. Decorated to look like an upscale version of an old tavern, Gramercy Tavern offers a menu with contemporary American food, and an atmosphere with an early American feel.
  8. Jekyll and Hyde. A haunted restaurant, Jekyll and Hyde offers its' patrons the experience of the unexpected. If you like haunted houses during the Halloween season, you can experience one here all year round. There is always live entertainment as creepy characters mingle with the guests during their meal. The menu items are also named after monsters and creatures.
  9. Hard Rock Cafe. Probably one of the most well known themed restaurants around, this list wouldn't be complete without it. The decor is all about rock with pieces from several legends such as Led Zeppelin, Elvis, and The Beatles. The menu is high end bar food with many options to choose from.
  10. Johnny Utah's. The wild west is right in Manhattan. With a mechanical bull for the guests to try riding, along with the western food and barbeque, this is food and entertainment all in one. You can try riding the bull yourself or just sit back and watch from the safety of your table as the other guests give it a try.
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