10 Things A Cook Will Need When Camping

Are you wondering what 10 things a cook will need when camping? When heading to a park to camp under the stars, do not forget to include the basics to create meals that will keep your family happy. Items needed for food may vary, but a few basics to assist you in cooking are necessary for survival during your time away from home.

  1. Lighter Fluid/Charcoal. A cook will need to be able to cook when camping. At the very least be sure to bring lighter fluid as a means to start a fire. Whether you are cooking on the ground or if the camping area provides a barbecue grill, you will need to ensure a good flame to cook your meal.
  2. Pots and pans. Bring at least one pan and a couple of pots to ensure meals can be properly cooked. More cookware can be packed if you will be cooking for a larger group of people or plan on staying a long time.
  3. Clean water. Jugs of water are always an item a cook will need when camping. Water can be added to food for boiling or to use to clean dishes. Be sure to pack plenty.
  4. Seasonings. Pack seasonings according to the rest of the campers taste. Fresh seasonings should be stored in the cooler with ice packs. Containers of dried spices are typically less tasty but will travel better.
  5. Plates. Paper, melmac, or plastic. It is up to the people going camping. Regardless, plates are a necessity a cook will need when camping. If you are bringing paper be sure to pack trash bags to dispose of the plates properly.
  6. Utensils. At the very least include forks, knives and spoons. Additional items a cook will need when camping include a spatula, tongs, bowls, pot holders.
  7. Cups. Choose paper, plastic or styrofoam cups to bring with you camping. Aside from drinking, cups are great for holding snacks.
  8. Dish Detergent. The most needed item on your list will need dish detergent even if you use paper and plastic. Clean pots and pans will need to be re-used during the entire time you are camping.
  9. Canned food and opener. Bring canned food for easy to prepare meals for the entire family. Be sure to pack the can opener to open the cans.
  10. Cooler. Pack a cooler with anything from snacks to plates, etc. for convenient storage or use the cooler with ice to keep foods and drinks cold.



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