10 Things Men Love About Adriana Lima

I'm sure there are tons of things to love about her, but we narrowed down the top 10 things men love about Adriana Lima. What's not to love about her? She is one of the most perfect females out there and if any one if us "ordinary" guys had a shot at her, we might just die.

  1. Her Eyes – Adriana Lima has a set of eyes that you would not mind staring into all day.  She might mind, but definitely you won't. She has the perfect shade of blue eyes that turn on all men.
  2. Her Tan – Adriana Lima has a skin tone that is perfect. There's really no other way to describe it. She is tan enough to notice, but not tan to the point where she looks orange. Is it any wonder why this is one of the ten things men love most about Adriana Lima?
  3. The Fact She Is Brazilian – Lets face it, every man wants to get with an exotic chick, and what is more exotics than Brazilians?
  4. Her Legs – The most erotic part of a female is her legs, and when a female has legs that are as beautiful as Lima's, how can you not notice them? Unlike most models Lima does not have chicken legs.
  5. The Fact Shes A Victoria's Secret Model – Every guy wants to get with a model, but getting with a Victoria's Secret Model would be all the sweeter. Victoria's Secret Models are held to a higher standard of beauty than every other female alive, which makes it one of the ten things men love most about Adriana Lima.
  6. Her Innocence – Lima has gone on record saying that sex is for after marriage. Add that in with the fact that shes a devout  Catholic who attends church every Sunday and we arrive at how innocent she is. Every guy wants a girl who will stay faithful, it might be the biggest turn on knowing she wont cheat on you.
  7. Her Boobs – Lets face it, those things are huge. Can you blame us for not noticing them? They are perfectly crafted and just sitting there for ongoing lookers to simply… admire.
  8. Her Age – She is still very young, but old enough to be mature. You wont have to worry about Lima starting a food fight. It's a turn on…
  9. Her Smile – Lima's smile can literally light up a room. She has pearly white teeth and juicy lips. It is almost hard to notice the rest of her when shes smiling at you, making it one of the ten things men love most about Adriana Lima.
  10. Her Belly – She has a very tight belly. You can tell she puts hours of work into it by how flat it is. Kind of makes us wish she knew how to belly dance.
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