10 Things Men Love About Alessandra Ambrosio

We could easily name more than 10 things men love about Alessandra Ambrosio, but nobody wants to read an article the length of War and Peace. This list will be limited to just 10 things men love about Alessandra Ambrosio, and yes, they mostly involve her physical attractiveness.

1. Her Exotic Looks

Men are all about exotic-looking women, as in women who don't look like they are from the same hometown. One of the 10 things men love about Alessandra Ambrosio is the fact that she does look exotic, mainly because she is from Brazil. Nobody can resist that natural tan.

2. Her Accent

Alessandra Ambrosio has an accent. That is definitely one of the 10 things men love about Alessandra Ambrosio. Her English is easy to understand, but there is that hint of her Latin heritage on the tongue. It is also known that Latin women are very passionate…the possibilities! We will ignore the fact her parents are Italian and Polish; she was born in Brazil so it counts.

3. She's All Natural

These days, many celebrities maintain their good looks with plastic surgery. This does not always work out well; just ask Heidi Montag. With the exception of having her ears pinned back when she was 11, Alessandra Ambrosio steers clear of plastic surgery. The all natural look definitely makes the list of 10 things men love about Alessandra Ambrosio.

4. She Works Hard to Look Good

We all know it is a little bit annoying when somebody is ridiculously good looking while putting forth no effort to achieve those results. Well Alessandra Ambrosio is not one of those people. She works very hard to maintain her figure doing a routine with a trainer called the Brazilian Butt Lift. Men also love the name of her exercise program.

5. She Seems Fairly Normal

One of the 10 things men love about Alessandra Ambrosio is the fact that she doesn't end up in the news for acting crazy. We don't hear about her assaulting assistants or throwing phones at bellhops, which just helps to make her seem more down to earth.

6. She Helps Good Causes

Alessandra Ambrosio is the National Ambassador for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Her charitable works easily make the list of 10 things men love about Alessandra Ambrosio. During a time when we mostly hear about famous people getting in trouble, it is always refreshing to see celebrities doing what they can to help a good cause.

7. She Has Great Abs

Alessandra Ambrosio is often showing off plenty of midriff, and men love it. She has just enough definition in her abs for people to notice, but not enough that it looks like she could crush walnuts doing crunches. 

8. She Has a Great Butt

We don't mean to sound crude here, but it cannot be denied that Alessandra Ambrosio has a great looking butt. It also cannot be denied that her butt is one of the 10 things that men love about Alessandra Ambrosio. Not too big, round, well, let's just leave it at every guy has noticed it.

9. She Looks Great in Minimal Clothing

The combination of her abs, butt, and overall exotic looks mean Alessandra Ambrosio looks great when she is not wearing very much. Some people can just pull off skimpy outfits, and she is one of them. That's not to say she doesn't look good when she is wearing more than a bikini, we just end up seeing her more when we are seeing more of her.

10. We See Her in Minimal Clothing a Lot

This had to make the list of things men love about Alessandra Ambrosio. Men appreciate the fact that she looks hot. They enjoy the fact that she helps charities. They especially like that she seems to be fairly normal. What they really love is the fact they can pick up a Victoria's Secret catalog at any time and see Alessandra Ambrosio modeling various different kinds of underwear.

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