10 Things Men Love About Cindy Crawford

Although she is not in the limelight as she once was, there are still at least ten things men love about Cindy Crawford. Born in 1966, she is in her 40's but still looks fabulous. She has a natural beauty and its great to see that she still looks darn good for her age.

  1. Her Mole. Cindy's mole is one of her most recognizable trademarks. Her mole is actually a beauty mark found above her upper left lip. It is one of the ten things men love about Cindy Crawford.
  2. Her Smile. Cindy's smile goes hand-in-hand with her mole. You can't really see her smile without her mole, nor her mole without her smile. Just gorgeous.
  3. Her dark locks. Cindy is a brunette. Her long flowing brown hair is one of the ten things men love about Cindy Crawford. Occasionally, she adds some light highlights around her face that seems to just make her face pop.
  4. Sultry Eyes. Cindy's eyes are big and brown. Her eyes gives off a warmness, yet when she puts extra makeup, her eyes gives off a sultry look.
  5. Her body.  At 5-foot-9 inches tall, she looks lean and slender. She is a man's dream, which is certainly one of the ten things men love about Cindy Crawford.
  6. Playboy.  Enough said.
  7. The Pepsi commercial. OK, you have to admit it. That Pepsi commercial where there are two young boys watching her as she proceeds to the Pepsi machine, pulls the tap on the Pepsi can and then takes a long drink is hot! That white tank top, skinny jeans and the long flowing brown hair is just downright sexy. It's no wonder that that commercial made it on the list of some of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time. It really is one of the things men love about Cindy Crawford.
  8. Charity work. Now, it is easy to list ten things men love about Cindy Crawford when it comes to her looks, but there is more to Cindy than just a pretty face. She has supported charity work throughout her career.
  9. Meaningful Beauty. After modeling, Cindy went into new endeavors. She developed a beauty line called Meaningful Beauty, which is an anti-aging treatment. It sure is working for her, which gives us another thing men love about Cindy Crawford. She is aging beautifully.
  10. Her furniture. Now, most guys aren't into home decorating, but you have got to admit that Cindy has some good design ideas as far as furniture goes. Most of it is really quite nice.


Cindy Crawford

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