10 Things Men Love About Eva Mendes

What are the ten things men love about Eva Mendes? What's not to love about this beautifully multitalented vixen? She's arguably one of the sexiest women to hit the big screen in a long time. She's so fine she makes guys want to take up acting in hopes to share screen time with her. If love at first sight was a person, her name would be Eva Mendes. There's a million and one things that men love about Eva Mendes, but we can only focus on ten.

  1. Lets start at the top. Look at those absolutely magnetic eyes. Those dark colored, cat-like gems are simply gorgeous. They're so deep a guy could get lost looking into them, and who would want to be found?
  2. Her lips. We love Eva Mendes' lips. They look so damn soft. Like perfectly shaped pieces of sweet candy, they call to you. Teasing you, like they need attention when the truth of the matter is, it's you wishing you could taste them.
  3. Her beautifully bronzed skin. If you haven't seen "2 Fast 2 Furious", go get it. She spends a good deal of time in swimsuits exposing much of that honey brown tone. Women spend hours on the beach trying to achieve what Eva naturally has, that perfect sun kissed glow. She's so hot you'd sweat just by standing to close to her.
  4. The perfect smile. Her uniquely shaped mouth forms a lovely smile with her perfect pearly whites. We love Eva's smile because it's so inviting. There's a genuine warmth generated between those lips. We feel as if we've known her forever. Which would kind of suck seeing as how none of us could date her. 
  5. Men Love Eva's perfect body. There's no explanation necessary. You have seen her haven't you? If you don't love Eva Mendes' body there's simply no pleasing you and you need psychological help. She looks as if Michelangelo chiseled her himself. She's got a perfectly feminine yet super toned tummy. She has legs so fine it should be a crime for her to wear pants. Nice toned arms, sexy neckline, and so on and so forth. This girl is bad! Oh, and we have to mention her…
  6. Booty. You know we men love Eva's butt. A work of art in its own right, her booty makes clothes look better by being in them. This thing defies gravity. A girl with such a thin frame should not have a butt like that, but we're glad she does.
  7. Her girl next door sexiness. She carries herself like a normal, down to Earth girl. But underneath is this uncontrollable sexiness, this allure that can't quite be explained. Guys don't really care to explain it, though. We just know it's there, and it makes us… happy.
  8. Her drive. While studying to go into marketing, she changed her mind and decided to go into acting. Perseverance is the only way that she could become the star she is today. Fighting for your goals is sexy.
  9. Her Talent. Eva has shown during her time on the screen that she's a master at playing a number of different types of roles. Starting out as the principal love interest to stars such as Will Smith and Denzel Washington, Eva has begun to take on heftier roles showing a wider range of acting ability. Check out "Once Upon A Time In Mexico" or "The Spirit". We love Eva because personal growth is sexy too… Well anything on Eva is sexy.
  10. Her attitude. Confidence and conviction is sexy, and men love Eva because she's got a lot of both. She's a fiercely independent actress who refuses to be pressed into a conventional mode or typecast. Whether or not she plays a tough as nails FBI agent or a skeptical hard nosed reporter, Eva's attitude on and off the screen makes her scorching.
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