10 Things Men Love About Jennifer Love Hewitt

There's more than 10 things to love about Jennifer Love Hewitt. This unassumingly quiet seductress has been palpitating the hearts of men ever since she first appeared on the big screen in 1997's "I know What You Did Last Summer." Men have been finding things to love about Jennifer Love Hewitt ever since.

Why? Here's 10 things men love about Jennifer Love Hewitt

  1. Her smile. It is the pinnacle of innocent charm. Men are suckers for that. Britney Spears capitalized on an innocent schoolgirl ploy in the beginning of her career. Jennifer Love Hewitt has subtly maintained that charm without resorting to plaid skirts and knee-highs and turned it into an underground art form.
  2. Her acting ability. Musical composers will tell you that it's the space between the notes that provide depth and meaning to the song. Jennifer Love Hewitt is revered on the screen for the lingering time she spends on camera between any peripheral dialogue.
  3. Her puppies. Way more interesting than Paris Hilton's purse-ified bow-wows, J-Love's puppies always behave and smile happily in public.
  4. The girl next door temptation. She has a best friend, neighborly quality about her that makes her seem almost like she might actually say 'hi' to you in a grocery store.
  5. Her auburn mane. Flowing like a midnight river to Utopia, her deeply-hued locks of silky follicles quiver with the faintest of breezes.
  6. She's "single." Yes, she's been linked to a parade of Who's-Who types and wannabe-somebody partners over the years, but Ms. Jennifer Love Hewitt hasn't yet sported a band of commitment, meaning "It could happen."
  7. Her pictures. There is an endless stream of visual stimulation in today's modern society bombarding us from every angle. Jennifer Love Hewitt's pictures provide a welcome wayside rest on the cyber-galactic highways.
  8. Her smile. Can teeth be sexy?
  9. Her wardrobe. Let's be honest. She'd look sexy in a burlap sack.
  10. Cleavage. Did we mention the puppies?



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